My soup kitchen and providing clothes to

My decision to pursue accounting began when I was in high school, although my accounting journey originally commenced when I was a child.  Prior to my adolescent years, I had a business-focused mind and entrepreneurial spirit.  This mindset drove me to sell jewelry I made with my own hands.  I even created and distributed my own business cards at the age of eight, which promoted my face painting skills and landed me two separate job offers at birthday parties.  In addition, my ambitions prompted me to sell chocolate bars as a fundraiser to finance my trip to Europe via a student ambassador program.  I always had this fascination with the concept of business, just as much as I loved the subject of mathematics all throughout my academic career.

Aside from my enthusiasm for math and business, I voluntarily take time out of my busy schedule to help anyone in need, from mentoring freshman honor students and tutoring peers to serving people at a soup kitchen and providing clothes to those facing financial difficulties.  While being dedicated to my studies, I thrive off of helping others reach their potential as well.

When I first chose to take accounting classes in my junior year of high school, I didn’t know much about the subject.  I simply thought that my love for numbers coupled with my mind for business was enough reason to pursue accounting.  Little did I know, I would grow to embrace it as it became clear to me that accounting is a core part of any business.

Taking increasingly advanced courses in college, I realized accounting is much more than just math and business.  Through that process of learning, it clicked for me that accounting truly parallels with my personal values.  I believe in giving back to the community which explains why I am passionate about helping individuals and eager to help companies excel through assurance and accounting.  A career in accounting, specifically auditing, will allow me to work with clients in diverse industries, not only will I audit their financial statements, but more importantly I can advise them with the highest quality of my professional expertise in ways to best help their company thrive.  Accounting is undoubtedly a challenging major, but it’s worth the challenge knowing I can make a difference in the lives of people and their businesses, all in the effort to make the world a better place.

After education, earning my CPA credential is the second step of my accounting career, the second E of the three E’s: Education, Examination, and Experience.  Upon passing the CPA exam, that/this credential will impact my career in a way that will validate my accomplishments and how I can help my clients.  It will not only provide reasonable assurance to clients that I’m qualified to get my job done exquisitely, but earning my CPA would be the official stamp on my career, signifying a pay-off from my mental labor of extended studying and sleepless nights.