My Sports Hero Li Na Essay

One of my sports heroes is one of the best women tennis player in China, her name is Li Na. Li Na, Chinese women tennis athletes, she was born in Wuhan China in 1982, she starts to play tennis when she was 6, in 1999, she become to professional tennis players, at that time she played a lot of ITF challenger and got a lot of champion.

In year of 2000 it was the first time ever see tennis in my life, my dad took me to a tennis game in Shanghai, it was POLO open, LI Na was playing against Yi Jingqian who was really good in china, I still can remember that day, that match has changed my life, of course at that time I didn’t know anything about tennis, but it was so much fun to just watch them play.

After the game I ask my dad if I can be a tennis player, I told him that I want to become like her, play as a professional tennis player, my dad said ok, that decision changed my life, I start to play tennis in Beijing China Tennis School. In 2002, LI Na made a decision that she is going to be retired from tennis and go to Wu Han University for education. At that time I always think if you want to be professional tennis player you should not go to school or you will not have time to play tennis. However, she changed my mind after two years.

Li Na is back on the tennis court, she start to play ITF match again and looks like she is even better than before, in 2005 her world ranking is already become in top 50, 2006 US open she got in final 16, 2011, June 4, Li Na got her first grand slam champion, She is the first Asian player to get grand slam champion, that means a lot to everyone, and me. I realized to be a good tennis player only play tennis 24-7 is not enough, we need knowledge to make us understand better on what we need to do and how can we have scientific training to make us good and no injury.

Li Na is my hero. There are many things that I can learn from her. The hard work, the attitude of never give up on tennis just touched my heart. I just have on hope for all the people who like Li Na, don’t give her too many pressure, she is doing her best to play the best of her ability, too much pressure will just make her stressed out, she has a team just to be there for her and taking care of her just to make sure she is in the best condition, she will try her best to make this all happened. Li Na you are the best.