My aims at creating abilities like swarm insects

My father, a bank manager, finds at least one financial crime committed per day even after keeping a hawk-eye on every transaction. As a computer undergrad, I realized the growing significance of Data Science and its ability to look for commonalities which could indicate fraud among a set of transactions that is important for efficient working of countless employees under him. Perhaps, my father with the help of a valuable tool like data analytics could have improved customer relationships. That is why I consider Data Science as incredibly precious for, if used properly it can guide all aspects of the business from marketing strategies to digital security. Hence, I wish to explore the realm of Data Science by pursuing a graduate program.My undergraduate degree provided exposure to a multifaceted curriculum; I gained in-depth awareness of concepts in Calculus & Statistical analysis through multiple courses in Mathematics. Courses like Data Structures, Algorithms, Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning interested me the most. I also gained expertise in programming with C++, Java, R, and Python and actively participated in hackathons conducted by HackerEarth and other platforms.Projects served to broaden my knowledge through the application of classroom concepts. One of them involved developing an AI prototype to analyze and predict customer churn. The research work was further published in IJSRP. Currently, I am working on my senior-year project on creating a platform for swarm robots which aims at creating abilities like swarm insects in a group of simplistic robots. I strongly believe this project will strengthen my practical knowledge of Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Robotics.While working on these projects gave me incredible skills and global exposure, I was eager to gain insights on work done in an industrial context. I hence interned at I-Medita’s IBNC where I focussed on Big Data Analytics. I learnt statistical analysis using R and focused mainly on writing software to do analytics and machine learning tasks in production environments. The research paper has been accepted for publication by IJAST. One of my most significant leadership experiences was to become a CEO & Founder of ‘Startup Stacks’ where I successfully manage a team of 8 professionals – each one having far more experience in their domain than what I have. As CEO of a funded startup, I have networked with some biggest leaders in India.I also had the opportunity to work with people from different parts of the world when I was a part of Student Exchange Program at Ritsumeikan University and those experiences have made me more independent and focused.At this stage, I believe pursuing a Master’s degree in Data Science would catalyze my career progress, and the program offered at the North Carolina State University is perfectly tailored to my needs. Your strong faculty is an important factor for my choice as they promise to give each student, opportunities to conduct research and experiments. I am excited at the prospect of learning under erudite faculty like Dr. Emerson Murphy-Hill, whose numerous projects and research in the field of Data Sciences & Analytics has left me fascinated. Given a chance, I would hope to involve myself in his ongoing research endeavor.I wish to increase my knowledge and thereby hope that based on my credibility and achievements, you will consider me a worthwhile candidate for your prestigious institution. With the hope that my candidature will be given its due consideration, I request you to grant me an admission to your MS program with possible financial aid.I thank you for considering my application.