My The boys voted for me. Jack

My plane just went down in the ocean. I can’t seem to find anyone around me. The pilot is gone and so is everyone on the plane. I’m going to walk to the beach, Maybe there will be someone there. I just found a boy, his name is piggy . We also found a conch shell, it makes a loud noise when you blow in it. A bunch of boys just showed up to the beach when I blew it. That is good that we are all together. I would like to be the leader of this group, but this other kid Jack wants to be the leader also. The boys voted for me. Jack and his friends  are going to be the hunters I guess, that’s what Jack wants. Jack, this boy Simon, and I are going to walk around the island. We want to see if there is anything dangerous or anyone that lives here. We found a pig but we couldn’t kill it,I don’t know when we will eat if we can’t kill something.Entry 2:   i had just called the first assembly. I wanted to make some rules for the island, one of them is that the person holding the conch has the right to talk with no interuptions. piggy said that no one knows that we are here and. We might be here forever. I don’t why would he say that, he just scared the littluns . But we have more things to worry about. A boy told me that there is a beast on the island. He said it comes out at night and looks for food. Everyone is saying that it is just a nightmare he had, but what if it is real. Our group isn’t ready for that. Since it is daytime we are safe in a way. We decided to try and build a fire on the top of a  mountain. We gathered a bunch of wood and dry leaves to start a fire. We couldn’t start the fire we didn’t have matches but I remembered that magnifying glass and the sun can start a fire and glasses are kinda like them . I took Piggy’s glasses and it actually worked. Jack offers for his hunters to keep control of the fire. I can’t think of anyone else so I said ok. We also had a big problem, when we were outing more leaves on the fire, it started a tree on fire. The little boy that talked about the beast is also missing. Entry 3: We saw a ship today, well not all of us. Jack and his hunters were out hunting again, he said he wanted to wear face paint. Piggy and I saw the ship driving by the island and we started to wave and shout at the ship to get its attention. I ran to the top of the mountain by the signal fire and it was out. The fire was out because Jack and his hunters weren’t there to keep the fire going so the ship was gone. We could of gone home today. When I confronted Jack, he was just excited about killing a pig. We wouldn’t even need the pig if the ship saw us. The pig being killed was a good thing , but the fire going out and the ship not seeing us was the worst thing. Jack took responsibility for the fire going out, but that was only after he smacked piggy and broke one of the glasses lens. I might call an assembly to straighten things out.