My employer to always do their best and

My passion for business management
increased when I was a doing a Level 3 Business Administration apprenticeship
this experience has showed me how business work, gaining valuable experience
and getting trained in how business work by the assistant manager this is what
inspired me to apply for this course I believe that I have the qualities to
forge a successful career in this area.

I am an individual who is forward
thinking I have drive and ambition to manage a successful career and I won’t
stop until I reach my goal. I posses strong team- working skills, I am
confident, excellent at motivating and helping people to do their best this is
a integral factor in being excellent manager. Business management is
guaranteeing that a clients’ experience is nothing other than remarkable while
inspiring a group or your employer to always do their best and successfully
complete the allocated duties. These are factors which I now have a firm
understanding of.

I have solid communication skills with verbal communication being my most
prominent quality. I displayed some of my assignments verbally in light of the
fact that my teacher needed to benefit from my ability to get a point across
through talking, most of my assignments are written so far I have met all task
and assignments due dates and passed

I have done a Level 3
business Admin Apprenticeship at Pearl Medical Centre, a medical centre  situated in Birmingham giving great care to a
wide range of patients working close by with my supervisor  gaining from her gave me an understanding
into how to deal with an organization how to keep the finical piece of the
organization running easily. I was interacting with
patients on a daily basis and gaining fantastic and caring relationships with
the patients. I have a very high level of responsibility within the store, including preparing up new staff and running group briefings
when the manager or supervisor is unavailable, I discovered that I flourish
from working in a group, to accomplish a shared objective. I learnt the importance of professionalism in the work area
and the everyday weights of due dates. During my opportunity at Pearl Medical Centre,
I perceived how organizations work with each other to pick up benefit

Making full utilization of the
facilities we have in Birmingham, I am a regular attendee at my local gym and
am a fanatic of sport, from swimming to basketball, but favouring football. I
am currently play and the captain of Sunday football league team called the
Camden This enhanced my administration capacities as I learnt how to organise
my team, i was responsible for encouraging players to do their best. I am
really keen to make full utilization of all the sport facilities you have to

I trust I will continue to learn at
this university and acquire the necessary encounters to be successful in the
business management industry. I am ready for any difficulties that this university
will bring, that my hard working attitude will guarantee accomplishment in this
subject. I would love to undertake my degree at your university and I hope I
will develop my love for business management even more