My led me to choose civil engineering as

family background performed an instrumental role in my education in the field
of Science. My father has completed his graduation in Civil engineering. As a
student, I was always good in academics as well as in extracurricular
activities. But, the one thing that changed my perspective towards education
was when I was introduced to the teachings of the great spiritual master Swami
Vivekananda. Reading his stories and teachings instilled in me a sense of
respect for education. Basically, from my childhood I was addicted towards
buildings and its components. The stunning and large constructions of buildings
inspired me to choose civil engineering. From my school days I use to draw
various sketches and models of construction, then days after I started taking
interest in science behind its working, the technology used to make it run,
etc. This interest led me to choose civil engineering as my career. Whichever
industry or company I go, I always check the mechanism, their optimized way of
working, which makes think how this style of working can be made easier and
more accurate to acquire desired goal.

After passing the 12th board exams,
getting admission for BE CIVIL in a Sinhgad Academy of Engineering (SAE)
accredited with Savitribai Phule Pune University (then known as Pune
University), ranked among the top three colleges in the university, was a
matter of pride. This 3.5 year of my undergraduate life has provided me with a
strong and comprehensive background in Civil Engineering. I have learned a lot
on Structural, transportation, environmental, geotechnical and the one subject
that fascinates me the most construction management. After falling in love with
this subject, I dwelt in the process of getting to know more about this
subject. To get familiar with management related software, I joined a master’s
diploma course at CADD Centre in which I am learning 6 software. To know more
about this subject, I have been working at Jain Associates. In my summer and
winter breaks during last couple of years, I was an intern at Jain Associates
in Pune. I strove hard to gain some practical knowledge. During my internship,
I had a chance to get my hands on the various legal documents and various
drawings and plans required for construction of the building. I was also able
to gain an understanding of casting of structural members. I realized that
proper management led to the smooth operation of the construction processes. My
internship experience only reinforced my conviction that I need to study
Construction Management to realize my ultimate career goals. The low aggregate
of my first year can be attributed to my mother’s asthma problem which has
affected my performance a bit but I bounced back with good grades as my
academic history justifies it.

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gained interest in subjects Project Management and Engineering Economics, Total
Quality Management and Management in Information System and Construction
Management. I always liked studying management subjects which taught me not
only technical knowledge but also how it can be improved using technology and
management together. Additionally, I could attain impressive percentage of
64.26%(First class) and I am sure to get a distinction in last year of my
undergraduate studies. I topped in two subjects in my college naming Concrete
technology and Infrastructure engineering with 70 and 75 grades each
respectively. Also, I have maintained consistently good marks in my structures
related subjects.

my completion of 2nd year of engineering, I got a chance to work as
intern in a reputed company known as Jain Associates, India. I worked for 9
months as an intern and learned lot of things regarding practical knowledge in
different fields. During this internship, I was exposed to the industrial world
and had a useful experience in knowing various aspects of construction. Even I
learned how the working style is there in that company which I was unknown till
now. This gave me an exposure towards how industries work and get a hands-on
practical training. During my internship, I had the opportunity to develop and
nurture my professional and cognitive skills.


Currently I am working on
a residential project. Our project is significant in terms of, how to avert the
economic slowdown condition and come out with remedial measures for the same.
The gist of the project is, how government intervention can help at the time of
slowdown, how to segregate construction project in phases to escape the adverse
effect of recession. We as a group of four students will carry out a
questionnaire survey with Project Managers, Directors and Building Material
Suppliers and take their insights and make a detailed Report in the form of a
Policy which can be referred by the Real Estate firms to sail smoothly in the
grave situation of Recession. 

my last year of engineering, for the final year project, I (with four other
classmates) selected ‘Smart Managerial Remedies for Municipal Solid Waste in
Pune Corporation Area’ as our topic to work on. I wanted to do my final-year
project on Construction Management as I expected it to provide me with a launch
pad to pursue a master’s program in it subsequently. My participation in this
project entailed designing the model, managing the project schedule and
calculation of resultant values. Using my management skills, during this
project have helped us to stay on schedule and gave me a chance for managing on
actual live project. This, an ongoing project is expected to be completed by
February 2018. This was my first experience of research work and hence,
cultivated in me qualities such as perseverance and diligence. To solve this
problem, it was necessary to make a waste management model. Hence after lot of
trial and errors, we came on a solution to make a smart bin. We were (5 project
members in a group) succeed in making this machine in our college workshop and were
runner up (3rd prize) in project competition held in our college
department. After this event my project was selected one of the best project
and hence represented my college in Inter College Project Competition, held in
Pune, 2017.

In my summer and winter breaks during last couple
of years, I was an intern at Jain Associates at Pune. I strove hard to gain
some practical knowledge. During my internship, I had a chance to get my hands
on the various legal documents and various drawings and plans required for
construction of the building. I was also able to gain an understanding of
casting of structural members. I realized that proper management led to the
smooth operation of the construction processes.

The turning point came during my work experience
at a residential project. During work, to use a cliché, I discovered my life’s
calling — Construction Management. Having visited approximately 10
construction sites prior to that, I was able to visualize and analyze the
differences in construction activities and their outcome in India. The most
important difference I found was the crucial role management played in
construction. Some desirable outcomes I noticed were cleaner sites, proper
storage of materials and safety being accorded top priority, which provided
stable working conditions and the best possible environment to work in.


is my favorite sport in all others. I have won various awards, trophies, medals
in cricket from my school to college days. I always learned from these games
how to handle a team and how to make strategies to gain victory. I have been a
captain of my team many times which improved my leadership skills. I learned
how to tackle a hard situation in cool manner and how to handle our team
members when a team is in bad situation. I was also a CESA (Civil engineering
student association) member in my college. I was also a CR (class
representative) in my engineering college. I had a year drop after my second
year. I was bit distracted from my academics that time but after this incident
I learned how to overcome from failures. I studied hard from there onwards and
decided never to fail in anything from here onwards. I had very low percentage
in my 1st and 2nd year, after I got admitted in 3rd
year i.e. after clearing all my backlogs, I never had a backlog after that in
my whole remaining period of my engineering (i.e. 3rd) and I will be
maintaining it further as well. There was a 10% increment from my 2nd
to 3rd year engineering (scored 55% in 2nd year and
improved by 10% in 3rd year gaining 64.26%.) Additionally, I got
motivated that I have the capability if I work hard and this thing motivated me
which gave rise to score in my last year of engineering and also was runner up
in project competition as mentioned above.

I also found the time and inclination to fully
participate in a host of extracurricular activities. I have also attended
workshop on Legal Documentation Course for Civil Engineers. In sophomore year,
I was selected in Civil Engineering Students Association and served as a committee
member for two years. I have been a part of the football team of my college.
Furthermore, I have always liked to serve the community, which has made me
willingly and zealously participate in cleanliness and tree plantation drives,
and blood donation camps.

have achieved a certain level understanding of fundamental concepts of the
subjects mentioned above and wish to strengthen this understanding and perform
research in related fields. A graduate course that concentrates in learning
advanced concepts and devising feasible solutions to problems in these fields
would essentially help me to achieve my objective.


my graduate study, I would like to strengthen my concepts and knowledge in the
field of civil engineering and construction management. My long-term goal is to
achieve path breaking innovation in the field of civil engineering and want to
make the working of industries as optimized as possible which would prove to be
revolutionary in the current world scenario.

As a stickler for management, I have a clear
objective of wanting to start my own firm and become an entrepreneur just like
my father, who has an inspiring influence in my life. Getting a graduation
degree in a prestigious department like yours will boost my aptitude, experience,
knowledge and XYZ State University has always figured in the list of top
universities and in the field of Construction Management. I would be honored if
I could get an opportunity to study under guidance of Prof. X and Prof. Y.
Also, I have been in contact with my seniors there at XYZ University who
have given a very good account of your faculty for their brilliance and easy
accessibility. Also, the course of lean construction taught at your university
is rare and interesting. Your campus boasts ultramodern labs and world-class
facilities, which would make studying at XYZ University a pleasure. The
extensively huge and spread out alumni of your university is also an asset over

The XYZ University is one of the
best universities in the U.S.A. The university has unfathomable research
capabilities and talents. It is the pioneer in research and discovery. It has
global and corporate partnerships. The skills acquired at the time of my
training internship, in my undergraduate studies, last year project will be
very useful in my research during my graduate studies. This university will
make enhance my knowledge and skills in field of engineering. I want to work
with best companies in world which I think I can through this reputed
university. Therefore, getting admitted to MS in Construction Management in
your prestigious institution would be the best start for my journey that
embarks upon making a sincere contribution in the field of engineering.