N.W.A angrier approach to rap music. Erik

N.W.A is one of the most
controversial gangsta rap groups in history. They opened a pathway for other rap
artists to include more of their own voice and freedom in their lyrics. Since
then, rap has been more socially accepted and frequently listened to by
supporters for many years.

N.W.A emerged in 1986 and stands
for Niggaz With Attitude. The group consisted of five rap artists who went by
their stage names Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Eazy-E, Mc Ren, and DJ Yella. All together
they are known for their blunt lyrics and fearless attitudes. They also brought
an angrier approach to rap music.

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Erik Lynn Wright who went by the
name Eazy-E on stage, was born on September 7, 1963 in Compton California. He dropped
out of high school and made his earnings dealing drugs. He then used his drug
money to co-found Ruthless Records with Jerry Heller. Jerry Heller was born
October 6, 1940 and was a longtime American music manager that helped launch
the career of N.W.A. Although Jerry Heller’s and Eazy-E’s label was not having
much luck or doing so well at first, the label eventually took it’s turn when Andre
Romelle Young “Dr. Dre” who was a member of the World Class Wreckin’ Cru at the
time, and O’Shea Jackson “Ice cube” teamed up and started writing songs for
Ruthless Records.

 Dre. Dre was born February 18, 1965 and was
gifted a music mixer for Christmas in 1984. After that he turned his home into his
own studio, mixing together different pieces of songs and sounds. He also spent
most of his time hanging out at an L.A. nightclub called Eve After Dark where
he eventually got a chance to work the turn tables. He one day joined the World
class Wreckin’ Cru which performed at many night clubs and built his rap
reputation of Dr. Dre by being a master of mixology. Dr Dre brought Antoine Carraby
“DJ Yella” with him to Ruthless when “Boyz in the Hood” a track they worked on
together got turned down by other rappers. He then gathered Ice cube as one of
his allies as well. Ice cube was born on June 15, 1969 in South Central Los
Angeles, California. Both of his parents had stable jobs and with reliable
parents Ice cube was able to keep himself out of trouble of which his
neighborhood consisted of. He was pulled out of his local school and was driven
to a Suburban high school every day in the San Fernando Valley. His new
surroundings left a deep impression on him with all the violence he left
behind. He wanted to bring to light all the bad and rough situations that were
happening in his home town. While creating a better life for himself he found
an interest in writing rap lyrics and started his own group called the CIA.
This group caught Dr. Dre’s attention who soon united to perform and write
lyrics for Ruthless Records.

 Eazy-E who co-founded Ruthless Records
eventually formed N.W.A when the group refused to sign over one of their songs
to Ruthless signees HBO. Their first album was called N.W.A and the Posse which
was released in 1987. This album went unnoticed until they added Lorenzo Jerald
Patterson “Mc Ren” the following year to their next album who gave them a
contrasting distinct sound. Mc Ren was born on June 14, 1969 in Compton
California. He was also signed to Ruthless Records as a solo artist. He joined
and was included in N.W.A after providing them with the attention they had
gotten from his violent and dangerous lyrics in the album Straight Outta
Compton. One of their songs “Fuck tha Police” in their Straight Outta Compton
album was so ruthless and controversial the FBI sent N.W.A a warning letter to
leave that song out of their performances on stage. Not caring about what the
FBI had to say they continued to sing these lyrics on stage because of the
racism and abuse they felt from the police.

After bad media had planted
differences in the group, Ice cube asked DJ Yella to work on a solo album with
him. After the others decided to concentrate on Eazy-E’s solo album first, Ice
cube decided to part ways with N.W.A because of financial disagreements between
him and the others in 1989. After his absence, Dr. Dre also tried leaving N.W.A
because of contrasting egos and biased management. Ice cube then wrote the song
“No Vasaline” adding more fire to their feud on his album Death Certificate
which was released in 1991. But by 1991 N.W.A was broken. When Dre left the
group, DJ Yella continued to stay loyal to Eazy-E and still tried to
collaborate with him every now and then. Yella also claimed that when Eazy-E
was hospitalized and fell into a coma shortly after being diagnosed with AIDS,
he was the only one of the N.W.A members to have visited him. Ice cube and Dre
had different claims. Shortly after they all decided to bury the hatchet and
pay tribute to Eazy-E.