Nachiappan parameters, and technical parameters. Chan et al.(11),proposed

Subramanian and Ramakrishnan Ramanathan (7) reviewed the literature on the
applications of the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) in operations management
and suggested possible gaps between researchers and practitioners. They
classified operation management decision areas into five broad categories:
operations strategy, product and process design, planning and scheduling
resources, project management and managing the supply chain and suggested the
areas for future research with AHP.

M., R. Gabbrielli, and D. Miconi.(8)Combined AHP and integer programming.AHP criteria
are the cost( purchase, operation,
logistic support) and benefits. Chakraborty, S., and D. Banik.(9) selected the
material handling equipment using the material,
move and method criteria and its sub-criteria
of material handling equation. They classified material
handling equipment as conveying systems; industrial trucks; cranes and hoists;
and auxiliary equipment.

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A., and S. Shariati.(10) selects material handling equipment in surface mine by
measuring the weight of criteria by using Fuzzy
AHP and to prioritize the options by using Fuzzy TOPSIS method. AHP
model consists of economic parameters,
operating parameters, and technical
parameters. Chan et al.(11),proposed a
system called material handling equipment selection advisor consisting of three
modules, AHP is used to select equipment with major criteria as performance
measures, technical, economic, strategic.
Momani, A. M., and A. A. Ahmed. (12) Presented
combined Monte Carlo (MC) simulation with the Analytic Hierarchy Process
(AHP) to evaluate and select the most suitable Material Handling Equipment
(MHE). The criteria demonstrate the properties
of the material to be moved, characteristics of the move, and the means by
which the materials will be moved.

K. D., and M. G. Bhatt.(13) develop and implement a new methodology for
multi-attribute selection of automated guided vehicle (AVG) for the material handling. The paper proposes a modified grey
relational analysis (M-GRA) method combined with analytical hierarchy approach
(AHP).  The attributes are
controllability, accuracy, cost, range,
reliability, and flexibility.

decision making (MCDM) methods are utilized
in research for material handling equipment selection. Some commonly used methods included in MCDM approach
which attract researchers are AHP, ANP, TOPSIS, and PROMETHEE,etc.
Researchers have focused on selecting one type or different category of
material handling equipment. The criteria and attributes applied for AHP are based on judgment and experience, cover
limited aspects of equipment selection.