Name:-Aya are unstoppable making it the highest

Name:-Aya Hilal

Amira Adel

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Vodafone Egypt

The effect of
training on employee performance and satisfaction



Vodafone Egypt Telecommunication company has entered the
Egyptian market  in 1998 as the second
telecommunication operator.

In 2006 
vodafone Egypt launched its offshore operations under the name of
Vodafone International Service,nevertheless Vodafone Egypt has grown over years
and became the clear market leader mobile operator in Egypt  in revenue, share and profit  andit became 
the number one mobile operator in Egyptian market with the largest
customer base, Vodafone Egypt  serves
more than 36 million consumers by offering 
advanced technology, the best working environment for its working
employees and corporate responsibility for the community. Vodafone Egypt’s
innovation and success are unstoppable making it  the highest ranking among Vodafone operating
companies all over the world.




The company’s vision and mission


 mission :

“Connecting people and communities and accelerating the
development of Egypt’


Vision :

“We will be the communications leader in an increasingly
connected world”



HR location:-


Every franchise has its own HR department location, the main
headquarters department is located in smart village in alexandria


Vodafone International Services Headquarters


KM28 Cairo Alex Desert Road, Smart Village,






is no doubt that Offering the right training for employees  helps them 
understand the job or position better and to have enough knowledge to
work effectively and efficiently. Training is one of the most important factors
in the HR functions which definitely has to be taken into consideration .         Other HR factors include recruitment,
selection and compensation. Training presents an
opportunity to expand the level of knowledge of all employees as  many employers find the development
opportunities costly. On the other side Employees usually miss work time while
attending training sessions, which may delay the completion of projects.
Despite the disadvantages of training it provides the company and  it’s employees with benefits and advantages
that make the cost and time worth the investment and enhance job performance
and employees satisfaction .


The effect of training on
performance and employee’s satisfaction


Saving Time
and Costs

Investment in
training can certainly reduce costs and save time as employees know or have
knowledge of the job and what to perform., Training helps in solving such an
issue by explaining the job through job 
description; additionally reducing 
errors in the workplace and the time spent correcting mistakes, training
also  Improve employees performance also
reduces staff turnover, and result in fewer customer complaints and disappointments.





satisfaction usually increases when employees 
understand their job better and tasks of the company. Being offered
enough training, employees are satisfied with their job and are able to serve
their company well which increase performance as well.




and Needs

expect training to provide them with proper understanding of the job. When expectations
are met employees will be able to perform as required effectively and
efficiently and will guarantee their satisfaction and commit to the whole
business’s satisfaction too.



Turnover Cost


As the cost of
employee turnover is relatively high training helps the company to avoid such
an issue as  costs which  include separation such as exit interviews.


Vodafone company provides a variety of
training opportunities for it’s employees and also for undergraduates who are
willing to become a part of the company in the future to enhance job
performance and satisfaction






Target-setting and performance measurement are two essentials
of the growth process. Many small businesses can run without a strict measurement
or target-setting, for growing businesses or large ones the advantage these
variables offer is huge


The benefits of performance measurement

A system for measuring the changes in performance in any
business in very useful in which it helps the business to perform effectively
and efficiently and know if it is operating correctly or if there are any
errors that need to be corrected or improvements to be done.


Deciding What
To Measure:-

which areas of the business to focus on and measure is important.


‘Focusing on key business drivers (KPI’S)’

Key business drives are what lead to a businesses’ success.

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are the most important
in setting targets and measuring performance. When they are properly used, they
become one of the most powerful management tools available to enhancing

Selecting KPIs

  key criteria that
the business’s KPIs should meet:

First, the
KPI’S should be as linked to top-level goals


Second, KPIs
need to be quantifiably measured. So the scope would not be too broad


Third, your
KPIs should relate to some aspects within the business in which there is some






measurement is another essential step for a growing business.

It is easier
to manage the growth of the business when you find out what is best for the
business and identify possible opportunities for future improvments.


Measuring your profitability

businesses want increased profits, so they have to know how to measure

The key
standard measures are:


Gross profit margin

Net profit margin

Operating margin

Return on capital



other commonly used accounting ratios provide useful measures of
business performance:-




 financial leverage or gearing ratios






Setting Targets-


Setting SMART targets

– your targets should be SMART – specific, measurable,
achievable, realistic and timely


Using KPIs
ensures your targets will be achieved through being specific anf measurable,because
all KPI’S are specific and measurable.


 Achievable – targets should be achievable and
not too hard so that employees are motivated to achive them.


Realistic –
setting realistic targets that can be achieved not targets that are beyond the
staff’s ability.



Timely:- There
should be a specific given time or dead-line for achieving the target so that
everything is organized.



Graphic Rating

Graphic rating scales are ideal for
production-oriented working environments. A rating scale consists of a scale
from 1 to 5 measures employee performance.



Management by

Management by objectives,  are useful for measuring the performance and
achievement of employees in the top level positions such as managerial ones.
MBOs start with identifying employee goals, both manager and employee meet
together to identify the resources essential to achieve these goals. They meet
occasionally so that the manager gives feedback on how the employee is
performing and therefor the manager evaluates the performance.



Forced Ranking

Forced ranking measures employees performance
and achievement against their partners or peers, instead of comparing
employee’s current performance against the their  own past performances. Therefore, forced
ranking also creates a competitive work environment.




Ana Trainee program for undergraduates

Ana Trainee is a unique training experience for
undergraduates its  a Summer Internship
that gives trainees  an  opportunity to know how the work environment
operates and get exposed to the workplace and duties required .



training specifications

1-Full time one month training in any of the departments


2-Orientation sessions




discussions sessions 


5- Monthly salary



selection criteria

1-Trainees  must be


2-Grades must
be either   GPA 3 or above

3-  Grades: Very good and above

4-Excellent command of English language






 selection process

1: Register:
   by filling the online application


2: Application Screening:
    trainees  application will
be screened

3: Language Phone Interview:
   express yourself in English language

4: Competency based Interview
   situational questions








Vodafone Mobile Technology Training:

It is a training program to teach trainees of how mobile
communications work.


Quality training  academy : the company  has developed
a comprehensive corporate academy  which
delivers tailored training programs that best suit the employees;it has a curriculum
that helps to improve organization quality performance and keep all teams
working together.


skills training : a customized
business training program for  persons with disabilities, its main aim is
to enhance career opportunities it includes Business English, Career planning,
business attire and skills.


Managerial training :Inclusive
workshops for senior leaders highlight the business needs and benefits of
diversity and encourage them to act as role models to enhance performance and
motivate their teams across Vodafone company .





 There is no doubt
that training has an enormous effect on employees performance and satisfaction
as it acts a major factor that leads to higher productivity, cutting costs and
overall efficiency. Training provides employees with knowledge about the
position or job which therefor affects their performance positively. There is a
direct relation between the three variables, but both satisfaction and
performance can be negatively affected if there is no training , when training
is offered to candidates this makes them understand the job which would lead to
higher performance, higher overall efficiency and therefor employee and even
the whole business will be satisfied.