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Name : Ganbaasan SukhbaatarClass : 102AAbout vehicleA car is a road vehicle used to carry passenger. Why do you need a cars ? Because a car has a many benefits. Cars are faster than other automobile, if you are going a long way. They can carry more than one person and a large amount of container. I think the people basic necessities included a car. There are manykind of cars in the world. I like Toyota. Because toyota brand better than comfortable and safety other cars.In Mongolia, domestic travel is very difficult because Mongolian roads did not connected all province. There are no signs and names. Sometimes, you can’t know where you are and even you had GPS.  If people want to go more place, you need to choose dirt road, except main connection roads. That is only way to see that place. When you decided to travel to somewhere, you need to plan about car from beginning.  Make sure the passenger numbers and estimate weight of luggage and others things. At the last, a car, provided your requirements,should be reliable, have enough power for off road and comfort.  Firstly, Why we need a car ? I want to talk about true history. Few years ago, I was working at a company, seller company of information technologies devices and other. The company headquarter located capital city. Sometimes, we needed to go to customers place for service and deliver our equipment. One time, we had job for delivering our products to Mongolian districts and separated zones on time. Our products were heavy. So, at least, 4 members had go with equipment for installation. That was our problem, we didn’t have any car for provide 4 passengers capacity, average weight load and powerful. Then we started finding a car, can provide our requirements. We had lot of argument, strong, secure, specification, etc. At last, we founded a car, can go round Mongolia. If we had had a lot of money, we would have bought new car.  The car, we found, is the best reliable car I’ve ever seen. I won’t argue about other car but this the car, passed our requirement, was best. The car, Toyota Tundra, was little bit older but its’ performance resembled as new one and cheaper than we’re expected. Although, we were worrying about our experience and car’s reliability because we didn’t have any using experience we started our journey. Beginning we weren’t noting especial and we were doing great. Several days later, we faced lot of rain so crossing rivers turned big issues in our journey. We crossed 4 rivers successfully except first one. the car was stuck in the mug, we failed only river because we didn’t have experiences how to cross a river. If we had been more experience, we would have failed cross river.  After the little help, we released from mug and we collected big experience for water. Next time We will have become more experience.  By the way, our car were still intact to us even got little noisy from mug because we could get car service and bought little remained parts. Japan cars, we founded, are the most common car in Mongolia. So we can take service and any well experienced technician from any rural place. That is first cause of why we choose Japan car. Secondly, Motor power is one of important to factor of car travel. Whose car have high powered, they can pass a highmountain and cross river easily with faster and more comfort, even it impact to car reliability. In our situation, we didn’t choose powerful and we preferred flexibility and sustainability so car is used more gas when it has powerful engine. We didn’t stop for issue from gas, our car burned less gas. However, it weren’t completely good decision after all, because when we had some upwards path, our car engine was exceeded power limit and was sounded like rocket, because our car had 4 passengers and half ton materials. We very considered about our car engine. Although, we had difficult times, we had advancetoo. It restricted from engine damage and helped us every challenge of nature. So we were persisting our way successfully.Finally, Comfort, it doesn’t mean comfortable sits with heater and who had enough space in car. It means who hadn’t issue with their trace, who could find out their problems urgently, they have comfort and feel it. I understood power is not only option, car service, sustainability, and even car’s parts are very important. If you plan to travel, never forget about that power is not only solution.                    Paper Topic :____________________________________________________   Outline1. Introduction : Car are made in a different style, sizes and comfortable. First most important things safety.        Thesis statement : Car technology is changing a lot in the world.2. Body : ( A paper may have a few or many main points decide how many your paper will need ) Main point : History a. The earliest automobile recorded were actually steam engines attached to wagons in the late century.b. Some cars were powered by electricity. Main point : Usage for cars / Why we need a car ? /a. Because there are approximately 7 billion people live in the world.  I think people need a basic necessities a car.b. If you have a car, you have a save time. It is most important. If you going to a long way. You need a car. Because so fast technology. Main point : Innovation for cars.a. Recent years, All countries people prefer to use hybrid engines  car. Because they want to protect environmentally and natural things. Conclusion : The changes in technology over the 50 years have been amazing. For example : Television become color, Car have changed so much more electronic and and safety comfortable.