NAME: to address the issues in product

NAME: VINODKUMAR BABU                                                         STUDENT ID: 172329 SURVEY ASSIGNMENT:                                                          A.   EXPLANATION TO MANAGER ABOUT THE SURVEY: Dear Madam, It is unhappy to hear that your company has facedissues in related to product development and it has fetched a great loss foryour company by losing the market share. I’m obliged to help you in this matterand would like to provide you few insights about the process in which thesurvey is going to be conducted.  First of all, the sampling method which I would choosefor conducting the survey will be stratified sampling where I’m planning togroup the employees working in different product development teams as this willgive me the overall view on employee behavior across units. Next, the samplesize that I would take is 15% of total employees working under productdevelopment as it will provide a broad overview and help me to do a detailedanalysis from the responses.

I also consider that the response rate from the employeeswould be close to 75%.  I have decided to consult the IT department of the companyto help me in sending the surveys to respective employees by sharing thequestionnaires to their corresponding company’s email. I believe the overall processI have planned to carried out for survey is appropriate and it will help me inachieving desired responses to uncover the issues in product development. I hope that you would like my approach of carrying outsurvey and please let me know if you have any concerns over the survey method. Regards,Vinod B.

   PRESENTATION LETTER TO EMPLOYEES FOR SURVEY Dear Employees, We would be sharing a survey to all employees workingin product development very soon. We are conducting this survey to learn aboutthe employee’s behavior, satisfaction and their engagement towards the company.This initiate is being taken to address the issues in product development as ithas incurred a loss for our company which has forced us to lose the marketshare.

We assure that your responses will be valued highly and it would be agreat chance to express your concerns or thoughts. The Survey is managed independently and it will beshared with you through your company mail and responses would strictly beanonymous, so the individual responses will not be traced back. I therefore requestyou all to be honest to complete the survey. I ask for 100% participation in the survey as it wouldhelp us in analyzing all your responses and to act well to unclear the issues.The survey will be shared with you in later days and please make an attention. Thanks for your valuable time. Regards,Vinod C.    QUESTIONNAIRRES: 1.

     Whichdepartment of Product development are you working in?o  Operationso  Research & Developmento  Others, If any2.     Inwhich grade/designation you are currently in?o  Quality Control Executiveo  Product Development Executiveo  Materials Engineering Supervisoro  Hardware Design Engineero  Others, If any3.     YourWork Experience in this company and in this department (in Years)?o  1-2 Yearso  2-3 Yearso  3-4 Yearso  5+ Years4.     Areyou satisfied with the working conditions provided by the company?o  Not Satisfiedo  Satisfiedo  Very much Satisfied5.     Areyou satisfied with the performance pay for the employee? If not by how much (%)should it be increased?o  5%o  10%o  More than 10%6.     Doyou think that any of the company’s policy needs to be reframed or changed?o  Yeso  Noo  If Yes, Please Specify here.7.     Doyou require any additional facilities in your department of productdevelopment?o  Yeso  Noo  If Yes, Please Specify here.

8.     Areyou happy with your manager’s appraisal and feedback?o  Yeso  No9.     Haveyou ever felt that the target set by the supervisor is beyond imaginable?o  Yeso  No10.  Yourunderstandability on the process manual provided by the manager for productdevelopment in recent times? Rate on a scale of 1 to 5    11.  Levelof communication flow from low-level workers to high-level workers.

Rate on ascale of 1 to 5    D.   ANALYSIS BASED ON SURVEY RESULTS: The questionnaire which I havepresented above will provide the required answers to uncover the issue that hashappened in product development during recent times. The explanation on howeach question will be analyzed is given below.               I.        The first question in the questionnaire willhelp me to know under which department of the product development unit so that itwould be easy to identify the root cause of the problem.

             II.        Next question will aid me in recognizing thegrade or level in which the employee is working in, so that I can find out theproblem arises under which level of grade.           III.

        The reason for asking the employee about hiswork experience is to know about his/her level of expertise in the relevantfield as it would help me to find whether he/she can be prone in making errors.           IV.        The fourth question is to know about theemployee’s satisfaction in working conditions provided by the company as thisreveal out if there any hindrances to employee’s working needs.            V.

        The main purpose of having question related toperformance pay is know whether the employees are really satisfied with theirsalaries, benefits or bonuses because it might be a concern for them to work totheir best potential.           VI.        Sometimes any of company’s policies may be toostringent or rigid which can force the employee in not completing withinstipulated time. If this is a matter of concern, then board of directors canmeet together and decide upon in reframing the policy.         VII.        The next question is to know that there anyadditional facilities that an employee requires for the fulfillment of the tasks?        VIII.        Manager’s appraisal ratings and feedbacks playsa huge role in employee’s working behavior and so I have placed this questionto know about the employee satisfaction.

           IX.        At many times, the supervisor tends to set thetargets higher to improve the performance of the working unit which is unachievable,so in order to attain it the employees take the cross routes to achieve thedesired results.             X.        The next question is quite close to recentproblem, as it will give us a clear picture on any of the factors which hasacted as a cause for the issue.           XI.        The flow of communication across departments andbetween different grades of staffs is important, as it might lead tomisinterpretation of results or data and this question will help me to analyzeif there any problems related to flow of communication. The numerical data that forms fromthe responses of the questionnaire will help us interpreting the results tofind out the real factor which has created the issue on product development.

 E.    FEEDBACK TO THE CLIENT: The Survey method has certain limitations with respect tonon-responsiveness from the employees and there could exist a bias in their ownresponses since they could refrain from providing honest responses which mightnot help us in finding the original cause for the problem. I would like tosuggest to have a meeting with the leads of every departments under productdevelopment to know about their concerns and needs and in turn providing themthe details about the issue that has raised recently which could help us toknow the elements that would have caused the issue. In future, I would like to propose to have regular meetingswith the leads of each department and in turn asking them to have frequent discussionswith their workers to address their issues, as a measure of monitoring theworking behavior of the employees.

This will really help in avoiding any suchissues in future.