Nanaimo the most affordable living cities in

Nanaimo was once just a rough and tumble city, that mostly depended on logging and fishing. One look at the city now and you can definitely tell it has greatly changed. Nanaimo is now a quirky, vibrant and prosperous city and more and more people now look to live there. Especially now that house costs in Vancouver are going up many citizens look to Nanaimo for affordable housing.””Raising a family in Vancouver is really challenging logistically,” the 50-year-old chief executive officer of Sun Coast Consulting Ltd said. “I made a lifestyle choice because of housing and the ease of raising a family here.”” A detached house in Nanaimo costs only ? of one in Vancouver, andin fact, Nanaimo is among some of the most affordable living cities in Canada. And many have said that it is the perfect place to start and raise a family. Nanaimo has friendly communities and many outdoor recreations in which everyone is included and has a chance to meet some like-minded people. You may want to stroll through gardens, see theater productions, look through museums, watch a sports event or participate in one of the many festivals like the Dragon Boat festival, Silly Boat Regatta or the Nanaimo Pumpkin Festival. The city is also world famous for its annual Bathtub Boat festival and race that has been going on since 1967. The mostly urbanized city of Nanaimo also offers multiple services, so no matter where you live things like markets, grocery stores, shopping centres and pharmacies are always nearby. And due to the low population density of 923.1 persons/km2, traffic jams are barely ever a problem. Many people are drawn to Nanaimo by the safe and stable social climate and relaxing pace of life social climate. There seems to be a community for everyone to be a part of despite the city’s smaller size. Another great reason Nanaimo is a wonderful place to live is the clean and sustainable environment. British Columbia has some of the cleanest air in the world, and Nanaimo is no exception. Nanaimo’s new water treatment has pipes cleaner and cost lower. There are less deposits of organic build up in their water mains and in 2017 they reported having the cleanest water pipes compared to the previous years. Nanaimo is beautiful city with lots of nature and they try to put environmental affairs at the top of the list. The variety of people and things to do attract people from all over and some often describe it as “a hidden gem”.