Napolean-Puff Pastry Essay

The history of the puff pastry Napoleons is remarkable.

My research referred to three different countries. The first place was Italy then Denmark and finally France. There is a folktale indicating that a royal pastry chef from Denmark created napoleons. He was lead into making the puff pastry after meeting the Emperor Napoleon I.

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After making the exquite desert napoleon I acquired a taste for the dessert. Therefore his chief learnt how to create the pastry. The great story about this puff pastry is that napoleon couldn’t lead his men into battle the next day because he ate too much the night before.Then it was announced that Antoine Careme created the pastry and made it popular. The dessert napoleon is called another name in France. It is called Neapolitan rather than a napoleon, which differ in spelling.

Other states, that the origin and birth of napoleons is Naples, Italy. In addition to the argument it was said that they don’t make mille-feuilles in Italy. Mille-feuilles is defined as a thousand layers, but in Italy they do make square layered cakes with alternating layers of pastry and filling. The final decision was that a French pastry chief created the dessert (napolean).He made the pastry a la Neapolitan, and makes it in a similar style in which they make cakes in Italy. What I discovered from my research was that in Italy, the pastry is made with spinach, cheese and pesto. In conclusion to my research there are two different kinds of napoleons French and Italian. Napoleon is a delicious puff pastry, it is made with several layers of pastry cream and it is a sweet sensation.

The first time I tasted a napoleon was in baking and I enjoyed it very much. Any bakery that makes this pastry has to make it with the same standards as my baking class or else they will not receive any compliments from me.The first bakery I visited was fancier, it was a lonely walk to the shop. I made little turns through short streets before arriving at my destination. The short streets reminded me of a walk when I visited London a couple years ago. When I arrived at the shop a charming lady greeted and then assisted me with purchase.

A gentleman who was also at the shop gave my son a puff pastry filled with chocolate. After saying goodbye and thanking the lady and gentleman for assisting me, I hopped the train and head for Bruno pastry shop.On arriving a Bruno`s pastry, I was greeted by pleasant Sales person, who assisted me with me purchase of two napoleon.

After my purchase I jumped the number 6 train and headed home. In the comfort of my home I decided to sample the pastry from both pastry shops. I started out by sampling the puff pastry from Financier; the first bit of the napoleon made my mouth happy. It was truly delicious in every bite. The first mouthful was sweet and tasty, and me wanting more of that puff. The inside was filled with soft creamy custard; it made music in my mouth. The crust was flaky and golden in appearance.

It was chewy with a crisp at the bottom.It was extremely delicious; every bit was acquired with rave applause from my mouth and stomach. The pastry chef deserves an increase in his/her salary.

In addition to taste appeal it was package in a cannery yellow box with a unique design at the top. I left out some thoughts that went though my mind vanilla taste and a statement from my stomach saying welcome home were have you been all your life. I give Financier four stars for their marketing appeal, and exquisite napoleons. Bruno Napoleon were horrific, I didn’t enjoy their napoleons at all. It was a waste of good time and energy to visit such an establishment.Maybe the other pastries were rewarding but the napoleon receives a negative three stars. If I didn’t taste Financier pastry I would have led to believe that Bruno`s pastry was acceptable. It wasn’t completely disgusting, but it wasn’t far from it.

The crust was thick, with a rough dry texture. Not one layer of the pastry was flaky, the taste was bland. My mouth didn’t welcome such an un-tasty pastry.

The pastry lacked flavor and it was truly a disappointment to me. Thinking of it, Bruno`s shop was the biggest and the easiest to locate, but it would have been better if I had never found it.