Napoleon Gained Power over Animal Farm Essay

Throughout the novel “Animal Farm” by George Orwell, Napoleon gained, managed and maintained his power over the animals of the farm. Napoleon gained power over the animals by using force, propaganda, manipulating the animals and sending his opposition into exile. His style of leadership involved using the media to support his decisions, enforcing a variety of new laws and using fear to keep himself in a position of superiority over the other animals. By changing events to his advantage and implementing strategies to signify his importance, Napoleon manages to maintain his power.Napoleon gained power over Animal Farm by manipulating the animals of the farm, using propaganda and forcing his opposition into exile.

He used many different tools of propaganda to help gain power, his main implement being the sheep. They were, for sure, a deciding factor in Napoleon’s rise to power because they were easily manipulated and a very effective form of causing events to go his way. For example, Napoleon trained the sheep to break into their favourite slogan of ‘Four legs good, two legs bad’ at vital parts of Snowball’s speeches making it difficult for him to convey his points to the animals of the farm.This helped very much in keeping his oppositions views and beliefs as unnoticed as possible. Napoleon gained complete power through the exiling of Snowball. By using the dogs he had trained in secret, he banished his main opposition from the farm leaving him as the undisputed leader. After using all these strategies Napoleon managed to gain superiority over the animals in Animal Farm. Once Napoleon had found his place of superiority over the animals he incorporated propaganda, a variety of new laws and fear within his style of leadership and managing the farm.

To justify his actions Napoleon would send Squealer to converse with the animals. Squealer would bend the truth with lies to confuse the animals and think that Napoleon was right in all his decisions. “Do not imagine leadership is a pleasure” and “it is deep and heavy responsibility” are some of the truths he incorporates within his speeches to the animals. Squealer also uses the animals fear of farmer Jones returning to convince them that Napoleon is right.

Napoleon would create power through many methods. Making the animals file past Old Majors skull reinforced his leadership and a way of connecting himself with the father of nimalism. He also made the animals on the farm work so hard that they were far too tired to think about their situation and realise napoleon’s intentions. They also had no time to consider rebellion against his leadership as they were too caught up in their work. Napoleon managed the farm by incorporating all these different aspects into his leadership once he took charge. Napoleon maintained his power over Animal Farm by turning situations to his advantage and using different strategies to signify his importance.

Napoleon was an opportunitist.This means that when he realized he could use a situation, whether good or bad, to hid advantage, he did so. An example is when the windmill topples and he tells the animals that Snowball is the cause and turns the animals against Snowball instead of himself. From then on he made snowball a villain and the cause of bad occurrences. Because of this, the animals felt as though they were lucky to have Napoleon as their leader. Using this tactic provided Napoleon with a great advantage as it secured his leadership position because he was not blamed for anything wrong and created the illusion that Napoleon’s ruling was perfect.By rarely appearing in public made napoleon seem as though he had more important matters than the animal’s welfare and that they should be lucky when he does appear; that they should revere him. When Napoleon’s birthday was celebrated it symbolized him as a godlike character that the animals must celebrate and be thankful for the day he was born.

The poem about his greatness was inscribed on the wall with a portrait of him next to it both opposite the seven commandments. This made him as powerful as the principles of animalism and the foundations of their current life. By using all these tactics Napoleon manages to maintain his leadership.

It can be seen that in the novel “Animal Farm” by George Orwell Napoleon gains, manages and maintains power over the other animals. He does this by using propaganda, manipulation, fear, force and other various strategies. Once he was able to send Snowball into exile and gained power he managed the farm using his own leadership ideas and maintained his role of superiority over the other Animals by signifying his importance and taking every opportunity that presented itself to his own advantage. By doing this Napoleon is the animal highest in power over all over animals at the conclusion of Animal Farm.