Narative Essay

One of the most exciting and disappointing moments that I have ever had was the night went to a Celtics Basketball game in Albany New York during the pre-season. I was so excited to go and couldn’t wait be in the arena with the screaming fans and some great basketball. I had recently been paying special attention to a specific player who just came back to the Celtics from heart surgery and was by far my favorite on the team. I was very excited to watch him come back.

He had excellent talent with arge long arms and could jump through the roof. Jeff Green was a crucial piece to the Celtics team and they were very eager to have him back on the floor. As a family, we had eaten dinner and gotten in the car to head all the way to Albany which is about 150 miles away but I had made sure I brought a sharpie and my Jeff Green card with me. began to become more frantic as my father had to tell me to settle down multiple times as we began to get closer and closer to the arena.

When the big round and sparkling arena came into sight I was going berserk or I had not yet seen my favorite player play a game live with the Celtics. Everything was going great and exactly to plan until we entered the building and the game had already started. We were a half hour late and the game was already in the second quarter. was so confused because was sure that the schedule had said the game was at eight thirty not eight. Once we got up to our seats in the upper deck row four seat seven, eight, and nine there were three drunk guys with yet another beer in their hand in our seats.

We told them kindly that they were our seats but one of them told s, “Nope you must not know how to read your own tickets kid. ” And laughed with his buddies. So we found three nosebleed seats on the back wall that were open and decided to just stay there. From then on the game was great the Celtics were doing amazing even though it looked like black blobs were throwing around a ball was having a blast watching my team play some basketball. At the end of the third quarter they were only up three points against the Nets and the game was getting pretty intense with these Ohio teams going back and forth.

Basket after basket each team kept putting them in and was getting restless in my seat because it was so nerve-racking to watch this game happen. With ten seconds left to go in the game the Nets have the ball and put up a shot and got fouled. Deron Williams puts in both free throws to put the Nets up by ?o 99-97. So after the Celtics timeout they come down the floor and with 2 seconds left Jeff Green gets the ball and shoots a three-pointer and SWOOOOSH, and as the buzzer rang he had won the game.

The whole crowd went crazy with this thriller of a game I couldn’t of een any more ecstatic. I got out of my seat when the game ended and ran down to where the players entered and exited the floor so could wait for Jeff Green get done with his interview. A bunch of people and I waited there and I snuck my way up to where he would be and maybe get my card signed. He started coming down the tunnel signing everyone’s stuff but when he came to me he grabbed my pen and then looked up at me gave the pen back and said, “Sorry bud got to hurry up and get to the wife and kids. I was so disappointed when e said that, he had just signed everyone else’s junk and he couldn’t spend the five seconds to scribble on my card! What made it even worse is that the guy right next to me says, “Well that sucks. ” as was leaving. Some things in life are very disappointing and your thoughts of people can be wrong but the important thing is that you can’t pout about it, you just have to keep going and living on. I am going to a Celtics game this December and am looking to try the same thing but hopefully get the results I am looking for.