NARCOs compelled to join drug cartels or

NARCOs – Narcotics Abolition and Removal of Cartels ObjectiveSponsors: Brunei, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Senegal, Iran, Canada, Malta, Kyrgyzstan, Switzerland, Italy, MozambiqueSignatories: Iceland, Guatemala, Bangladesh, Algeria, Pakistan, Netherlands, Poland, Philippines, China, SingaporeAcknowledges that large wealth gaps create a space in which individuals are more likely to engage in crimes.Emphasizes the need to combat drug cartels.I.

Recommends the creation of an oversight committee that will operate as a subsidiary of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and will be called the Cartel Elimination Task Force (CETF) that willComprise of all member states of the United Nations General Assembly andWill be funded by each member contributing 0.001% of annual GDP to the task forceWill be tasked with eliminating drug cartelsBe run by a council of elected 7 leader nations that the CETF members will electHave military power comprising of 0.5% of each member state’s military manpower that will be tasked with Eliminating drug gangs and cartels through “boots-on-the-ground” military intervention when provided permission by the nation in which the operation would occurTargeted cyberattacks to disrupt cartel financial operationsConducting surveillance on drug cartel activity through satellite imaging in order to Locate drug compoundsLocate important members of drug cartelsIdentify drug trafficking routesII. Urges the creation of a mentorship program between developed and developing nations in which Developed nations aid developing nations in strategic planning to rapidly progressDeveloped nations provide urban planners to developing nations in order to avoid the creation of uneven development that often results in wage gaps that open the door to situations ¬†in which citizens may feel compelled to join drug cartels or drug traffickers for workIII.

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Strongly encourages the development of cryptocurrency regulation that Utilizes the Dashbit program developed at UC Berkeley that would allow investigators to track illicit addresses and generate algorithm-based insights to more effectively track illegal transactions through blockchain-based currenciesWould encourage governments to tax cryptocurrency earningsWould allow governments to audit the cryptocurrency earnings of individuals/groups for suspicious activityWould allow governments to engage in sting operations using cryptocurrenciesIV. Strongly encourages a legislative act that would require greater documentation and accountability in order to  transfer money between bank accounts in different nationsIn order to prevent drug cartels from shielding money from governments of the nations that the cartels operate in That will require parties to submit transfer documents to the CETF in order to prove the legitimacy of the origins of funds for money transfer in the cases of transfers of funds above $50,000USDThat will encourage participation of all nations through voting privileges in the CETF that can be revoked if nations fail to report transfers that are occuring in their nationsV. Provide more oversight on financial institutions, both internationally and nationally, to provide operating financial accounts for illegal cartel and gang fundsCreate and organization that oversees and reports back to the UNGA on the status of prominent financial institutions in each country.Implement procedures in prominent international financial institutions to better screen financial capital accounts to prevent illegal operation