Narrative Essay

History and fire Once upon a time on a summer afternoon of 2010 a tragedy took place in WHAT SCHOOL of Noida.

All I remember is that it was a history lesson which is bad as it is but that incident made it worse and changed my life forever. The boring history lesson initiated the beginning of the dream but what happened later on was no less than a nightmare. It was an incident which changed my life forever. From loathing history I went on to thinking of history as if it is not my cup of tea. Adolf Hitler wanted to free Germany of all the black haired and black eyed people that is the Jews whereas Hitler was a black eye, black haired Jew himself” blabbered our teacher. Her hair was dyed brown with a hint of red highlights.

Talking about her, face her forehead was all flat, her fake violet eyes were fat just like her and bulging out like her protruding stomach. Her nose was as thick and pointy as a tip of a samosa and her lips were fat and red as blood. She had a triple chin. She looked like a vampire, a fat ugly one though who had no fashion sense.Watching her in front of me was as horrendous as watching a baby elephant but the moment she spoke all the hopes shattered and then you realize…your history teacher is a chipmunk too! I hated history thanks to the football that used to teach and then the classroom. I had never been in such a cozy classroom.

The walls had blue wallpapers and the boards were multicolored on all the four walls. The things I liked the most were the window as it had a beautiful view and I would look out but never get bored.Then comes the perfect temperature of the AC and then the comfortable huge tables which had enough space for me to put my head along with my arms and space enough to stretch my legs out on the warm maple wood floor. I told you why the history lesson was atrocious but now I need to tell you how it got even worse. Exactly 20 minutes after the lesson started the fire alarm was heard.

The drum told us to ignore the alarm but my intuition told me that it was not a false alarm and to my utter surprise I was right there was a fire.Believe me that when there is a fire and you are as sleepy as a dog; it’s hard to run for your life. It had been 5 minutes since the time I was notified about the fire and exactly 30 seconds since the time we started an action, what did we do? Well nothing much except for yelling at the top of our lungs collectively in a chorus – “BHAAGO”.

It was truly a sight to watch, for the first time in my life I realized why India is the second most populous country in the world. While observing I was astray as instead of running for my life I carried out a census of the whole school in my mind.I was almost at the end of the chain of those 700 people who didn’t want to die. My brain kept on telling me that I was just a few minutes away from the final end but my heart told me that there was some hope. My intuition told me that there was surely an option instead of running with the crowd. It had been 10 minutes or so since I had changed my path but those minutes seemed like years. I went almost everywhere but whatever I saw was all either yellow that was the flame or else all ash.

Suddenly all my good memories came rushing to me of my childhood, adolescence ant the present me but I was few minutes away from my end. THE END OF MY LIFE but then something caught my eye; there was a hole in a wall! Recollecting my thoughts I remembered that it was the very wall which led directly outside the building of the school. I was happy because bunking history lessons finally seemed to be a good deed. What else? I rushed through the hot, yellow flames like a superhero . the fire was tearing me apart but all I knew at that point was that the heat is worth it.

After a long struggle I managed to come out of the hole and I was alive. My left arm and right leg were semi burnt but a lot of smoke had gone into my lungs which had blocked the oxygen supply. It took me almost 3 months to recover but it was much better to being a part of those 349 dead ones which didn’t include the elephant. Till date that “wannabe” fashionista is my history teacher and she dresses up that bizarrely as she did before but after that day I at least don’t sleep in her class with my eyes closed, I prefer to leave them open so that I am well prepared unlike before.