NAS experiencing some downtime means they are not

NAS is an ideal storage device to use for a growing organization such as a graphic design company because of its flexibility interface. NAS system is overall better than the DAS system because it can offer a lot of terabytes which means more storage space. And NAS can provide the users with multiple different operating systems. In comparison to DAS interface which can only identify the host operating system. If NAS servers is experiencing some downtime means they are not working for whatever reason the NAS storage equipment still stays online because it’s connected to the Ethernet network whereas the DAS storage equipment is direct-attached system that relies heavily on the server hosts. NAS storage also comes in many different of configurable drive options and interface. An IT professional have a choice to configure them with a variety of different drives such as SSD, SATA or SAS.  The worst situation to use  NAS is when transferring data there might be a problem because the server class devices at big business companies will discover that NAS can transfer block level data. DAS is a good storage device to use for mainly small business and can be used by small organizations because it is attached to server or a detached workstation. DAS is the cheapest storage device in comparison to the other storage devices used for businesses. It can provide any storage for a growing small business or organisation. DAS storage devices are perfect for situations such as apps needing a quick file level access to data.  A DAS storage would be the perfect device for a small organisation that does not to share information across the organisation. For example a graphics design company does not need to share the information across its whole company it is exclusive to the staff who are designing the product. A limitation of using DAS as a backup storage is the data in the storage device is based in an isolated environment so when the server needs to be repaired or rebooted the server will be offline so therefore unable to access the work.Overall, I think the best storage device to use for a graphics design company is NAS because it is shareable which is good because anyone in the business can use it. NAS has advanced features that can help a graphics design company such as thin provision which can limit the storage provide by the host. So this means not all of the storage space will be used.