Natural Disasters Essay

There are certain periods of times here these are more likely to occur (such as in the fall or spring). There are also certain states and places that these are most likely to happen. All natural disasters affect us in some way. But there are many different types of natural disasters and each one is different. In places such as the Sahara desert or places that get little or no rain, a drought can occur. A drought is where a certain area goes with no rain for a long time. A lot of people who live in hot weathered areas struggle with droughts the most. When one happens, it is very difficult to have enough eater to drink or shower with.

There are certain ways of saving water like buying the big gallon bottles and having them in storage or keeping buckets of water in your shower. When you are going through a drought really have to limit your use of water. If you have any plants or if you check your own front yard, you would be able to notice how your plant is dying or how your grass is turning brown since they haven’t received the amount of water they need in order to live. Droughts can last for years, so you really have no clue when the next time you’ll have fresh water available for you will be.

One natural disaster that everyone probably knows or has heard about is a hurricane. A hurricane is basically a huge thunderstorm that has winds that blow the roofs off houses and destroy anything that’s happening underneath one. This is one of the common ones that can happen here in Virginia, even though we barley ever have natural disasters. A hurricane is also known to be called by a tropical storm or a tropical cyclone. It is usually accompanied with thunderstorms. While a hurricane is happening, it is the best to stay indoors in a place where there are no windows.

Weather channels and radios usually vive out warnings for when they think one will happen. Since this is a huge storm that is occurring, the amount of water that comes with it causes floods. Floods are actually another natural disaster. A flood is one of the most common hazardous ones. It happens when you have an overflow of water in a certain area. A flood does not just happen after a hurricane. It can actually occur whenever it rains. It can happen throughout a long period of time, as in an hour or two, or it can happen very quickly. A flash flood is when it happens in a matter Of minutes. Flash floods can also come with debris, mud or gas.

It is most common for floods to happen where low-lying areas are or if you live next to a river or lake. When a flood happens to you in your home, you should try removing the water as soon as possible before your house is filled with water. Tornadoes are the ones that can strike at any time and completely out of the blue. They can come in a matter of seconds with no warning at all. You would think its just a storm until you see a big spiral coming down touching the ground. These are known as the most powerful storms ever seen. Tornadoes travel on the ground and look very scary. They sweep up houses r anything that’s in their path.

We see them as these funnel shaped clouds coming down touching the ground. They re swirling winds can reach up to 300 miles per hour. These have the biggest winds and are the fastest moving storms. You should always be in shelter if you ever hear warnings of one happening. The best thing to do when one is happening near you is to move to a different shelter as far away from it as possible. If tornadoes can sweep up houses in a matter of seconds, they can defiantly sweep you up too if you’re in their path. Everyone loves going to the beach. But would you really want to be at the each while a tsunamis happening? Don’t think so.

Tsunamis are humongous waves that come out of the ocean. They can also be called seismic sea waves. These happen because of a disturbance underneath the ocean’s surface such as an earth quake; the oceans plates moving. Could you imagine tanning on the sand and feel the slightest movement coming from the earths ground and in just a matter of minutes, you see the biggest wave of your life coming from miles down in the ocean? The most common death for tsunamis is drowning. Lots of people never have time to react since these hit so quickly. While the ocean waves crash down on the sand, they start flooding the nearby towns by the beach.

The worst part is that most of the time they don’t have enough time to cut down the electrical currents. So once the waves hit the electrical lines coming down the street, you can be electrocuted while trying to swim for your life in the ocean flooding. The best thing to do when you know a tsunamis coming, is to go to the highest building near you. Big tsunamis usually never end well and end up with lots of deaths. Next time you deiced to buy a house near a beach, you should take a second Hough to what bad things may come along with your new purchase. Lots of people have gone on vacation to beautiful touristy places.

The one place I’ve heard lots of people have gone too is Hawaii. Hawaii is most famous for their volcanoes. Volcanoes are huge mountains that contain molten rock in them. You DO NOT want to be near one when one is erupting with all its might. You will literally burn to your death. When the earth’s surface decides it’s time for the volcano to erupt, it will either make a very loud sound or stuff will start to silently start to ooze out of the top of the mountain. Lava, debris r gases can come out Of a volcano. The most common thing to come out Of one is lava. Lava is basically burning fire.

If you touch it, it will burn you very badly. Debris from volcanoes is dirty old rock. The gases that come out are very toxic and poisonous. The good thing about lava is that if you know it is coming towards you, it is usually moving very slowly so that you can get clear of its path. In some islands they have had them evacuate since the eruption was so bad. As I said before, gases may come out of eruptions. The toxic gases can affect you with just one simple whiff of the air. There have been any people known to get lung infections from just being near a volcano.

Sideways directed volcanic explosions, known as “lateral blasts,” are explosions that shoot out rocks at any direction and at any speed. These are very dangerous because these can hit you at any time. Volcanoes may be cool and all but are they safe to be around even when they’re not erupting? While people like to try to live farther away from cities to a quieter place, they go more towards the suburbs which usually includes forests or woods near them too. Wildfires are huge fire disasters that happen in forests and woods (areas that have lots of trees). These spread incredibly quick. They are caused by lighting or by accident.

Most of the time it happens when lightning strikes just one tree. But since it hit one tree that was in the forest/woods next to millions Of other trees, it spreads Very fast since they are all touching. They kill animals who live in the woods and destroy trees (from which our oxygen comes from). People who have cabins or houses near these areas are most likely to get caught in wild fires. They take forever to be put down. These happen so many times throughout the year. These are the ones that kill the most living things. There is no way from stopping it from inflaming a whole forest.

These take 1-7 hours from stopping. It usually involves helicopters and fire fighters trying in any possible way to stop the fire. As students and teachers, we all love the snow because of all the cancellations that happen. Winter storms are the big storms that won’t even let you walk out of your front door without swiveling your way out first. These are very dangerous because they can knock out the power lines, heat and your communication services, such as your phone or landlines. You wouldn’t be able to reach anyone and you could freeze to death in your own house.

Winter storms are accompanied by very dangerous low cold temperatures. These can reach up to freezing point, if this ever does happen, the snow outside would completely freeze and everything would just be frozen. When one of these happens, it is not safe to drive or be outside. The national weather service calls winter storms, “Deceptive Killers” because these are the storms that have been known to kill the most. Not just because of the climate outside, but because people deiced to drive and go outside while one is occurring. The ice outside is so thin that you can barely even notice that it s there.

People slip and fall tons of times and end up in the hospital with a broken back. To the people who deiced to make the dumb decision of driving during a blizzard, they can switch onto the wrong road and go head on into another car. You can also crash into objects that you didn’t even know were there because they’re covered with snow. I talked about cold climate weather disasters, but there is also a hot one called extreme heat. Extreme heat is very strong when it comes to the human body. Extreme heat is heat coming from the climate. While one of these is happening, it is advised not to go outside.

Lots of people get heat strokes or heat cramps from being exposed into the hotness during one. Usually weather channels alert you if high temperatures are coming near your area where you live. The best thing to do when one happens is to have fans in your house or have your air conditioning on to make sure you are not hot. Also, drinking lots of water helps you stay cool. So as you can see, there are many different types of natural disasters. Each one starts out as something different and each one destroys our world in its own way. A drought can completely limit your water needs.