Nature And Scope Of Economics Economics Essay

Economicss is a subdivision of scientific discipline which surveies the economic activities of the people within the state or worldwide. It fundamentally shows the ways in which people use the scarce resources in order to carry through their limitless wants through productive resources like land, labor and capital etc. There are different schools of ideas in which assorted definitions of economic sciences those are:

Classical School of Thought

Classical attack refers to the attack that is used by Adam Smith who is besides known as the male parent of economic sciences. He wrote a book in 1776 named Nature and Causes of Wealth of Nations. Harmonizing to him economic sciences is a scientific discipline of wealth. In which wealth refers to goods and services leads to accomplish the public assistance of the state. This construct besides shows the four facets of wealth explain as why and how wealth is produced, exchanged, distributed every bit good as consumed.

Neoclassic School of Thought

Neoclassic school of idea refers to the well known economic expert Alfred Marshall who wrote a book in 1890 named as Principles of Economics. He defined that, “ A survey of world in ordinary concern of life, it examines that portion of single and societal actions that are closely related with attainment and usage of stuff necessities ” . So this definition shows three different points.

Economicss is a societal scientific discipline because it surveies the people in their ordinary concern of life.

Economicss surveies those activities related to the attainment and usage of stuff necessities or production and ingestion of wealth which is related to the Adam Smith ‘s point of position.

The aim of the survey of economic sciences is to concentrate on the public assistance of the society.

Modern School of Economics

Modern school of idea refers to the Lionel Robbins. He defines economic sciences as “ Economics is the scientific discipline which surveies human behavior as a relationship between ( multiple ) terminals and scarce agencies which have alternate utilizations. ” This definition depends on three points.

Multiple ends refer to the limitless wants of human whose are increasing twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours and holding no terminal. So a individual has a pick between more pressing and less pressing wants.

A homo has scarce resource or limited ways to fulfill their demands.

This point is related to the ways of utilizing the resources by a individual. It fundamentally depends upon the precedence of wants by worlds.

Basic Economic Problems

Due to scarceness of resource and limitless wants there arise assorted sorts of economic jobs.

What to bring forth for the state?

A society has to make up one’s mind what sum of consumer and capital goods are to be made to fulfill the wants of the state.

2- How to bring forth?

The 2nd economic job is related to resource, inputs and technique of productions. A society has to make up one’s mind how much sum of goods and capital is taking topographic point for the specific good production.

For whom to bring forth?

A society has to take action that how much each sector takes from the entire production of goods and services. This refers to the distribution procedure.

How to administer resources?

A society has to make up one’s mind in what countries of the state the production of goods and services is required and whose are meriting people of the peculiar good depend upon the different business of the people.

These are the point ‘s aids in make up one’s minding which economic system is suited for each state.

Economic System

Some of the economic systems are discussed below:


This is the free market economic system demoing freedom of doing goods and services. The people are allowed to get down their concern activities harmonizing to their pick and penchants. So in this system all the economic jobs are resolved by people without any authorities intercession.


In this system largely all the economic activities have taken topographic point under the province counsel. All the major industries owned by authoritiess who decide how and what to bring forth for the state. There is no freedom of pick for the people they have to devour largely those goods produced by cardinal governments.

Assorted Economy

Under the assorted economic system private and public sectors works together. Public sector largely owns industrial sector it besides involves in using policies and puting ends and marks of the state. Cardinal governments take portion in optimize the public assistance of the state. There are besides some privatize sectors those working for the interest of net income.

Factor of Production

There are 4 different factors of production those aid in bring forthing goods and services in the state which are further discussed below.


Land means all the natural resource usage for the productive position every bit good as may be used to give income like dirt, mountains and forest etc. It is fundamentally God gifted nature and largely suited for the production of goods. Its supply ever remains fixed either monetary value degree additions or lessenings aggressively. The income that generates through this factor of production is called rent.


Labour is a individual who performs mental and physical plants for the interest of wages in the signifier of rewards and bring forth goods and services for the state. The motion of labor from one topographic point to another is called mobility of labor, so they are nomadic in nature.Their motion is geographical, horizontal and in perpendicular mode. Their supply can be changed due to alterations in population degree. They are besides unidentical in nature because every labor has different profession that besides refers to their physical and mental powers.


Capital fundamentally divided into two classs like machinery, edifice and different engineering used for the production of goods and the other 1 is money which is the portion of income. The income that generates on the capital is called rent. There is besides another type of capital called human capital that includes human accomplishment preparation and cognition for the production of goods and services. Capital is the beginning to bring forth the gross for the state every bit good as it promotes the degree of employment for the people in the state, so it is good for the state growing and development.


It is the chief factor of production in originating the work. An enterpriser is a individual who has all the control of working procedure done by other factor of production. First he/she plans the concern so selected the suited factor of production for peculiar production procedure. In the last provide the benefits or wagess to the factors of production in the signifier of rent, rewards, involvement and net income.He is merely who faces the uncertainnesss of future like net income and loss.

Undertaking 2

Production Possibility Curve ( PPC )

Production possibility curve or production possibility frontier is a line which shows the production of two different goods by to the full use of scarce resources in the state. This construct refers to the chance cost which means the cost of one chance must waive if a individual avail the benefits of another chance. There are three different types of PPC but merely PPC which is concave to the beginning indicates the existent life state of affairs because this shows the chance cost additions due to transit cost and preparation cost. The other two state of affairss are bulging form and consecutive line form which indicate the fanciful state of affairss.

Illustration of Production Possibility Curve

Production Possibilities

Wheat ( in thousand kilograms )

Cloth ( in thousand metres )



















So the PPC and the information in the tabular array demoing the production degree of wheat and fabric on different degrees, taking the different values of wheat on x-axis and the values of fabric on y-axis. This indicates the existent life state of affairs because PPC is concave in form and demoing full employment of resources.

Points on PPC

The curve represents different points from A to F those are stand foring the increasing form of chance cost. Indicate A shows that there is no production of wheat merely the production of fabric is taking topographic point. On point B the chance cost arises in the signifier of units of fabric forgone for the production of one unit of wheat. So, this procedure is traveling on till the point F.

Motion From One Point To Another Either Within Or On The PPF

Motion from one point to another on the PPF like from the point B to C demoing the increase in chance cost and demoing that the chance cost that arises in the signifier of three units of fabric forgone for the production of one more unit of wheat. But the motion from one point to another within the PPF like from point Z to C which shows that the economic system is turning by taking utile step from the authorities side and get the better ofing the unemployment job and no chance cost is involved in this instance as production of both goods at the same time.

Motion To Widen The PPF Outwards

With the transition of clip development and new engineerings taking topographic point every bit good as find of natural resources, rise in labour supply, growing in population and new accomplishment and techniques of production procedure coming out. All these sorts of factors affect the growing of production of both goods wheat and fabric in this instance and due to which economic system expands and PPF moves outwards. In this instance no chance is involved because the economic system is non required to bring forth the one good on the behalf of other. So, directors introduced different engineerings for the production, provide preparations related to the new equipments to the staff and hired skilled and professional workers for the working. Through these steps a director can use the PPF outside which is the symbol of growing of the state.

Causes Of Inward Shifting Of PPF

PPF ever shifts inwards due to inefficient resource allotment or when resources are non to the full utilized in the economic system which means unemployment of resources. These severely affect the economic state of affairs.

Undertaking 3

Law of Decreasing Return

Classical economic expert including Marshall, nowadays this jurisprudence and associate this with agribusiness sector but modern economic expert relates this with agribusiness every bit good as other Fieldss because in this jurisprudence merely one factor of production is fixed, others are variable.

This jurisprudence states that: ” If the measure of one factor of production is fixed and other variable in nature so entire production will be increased at decreasing rate it consequences in the worsening of the fringy production when there is no alteration in production engineering. ”

Illustration of Law

Fixed Factor ( land )

Variable Factor ( labor, capital )

Entire Product ( Kg )

Fringy Product ( Kg )





















From the tabular array and graph we can reason that from the 3rd labor or capital, fringy merchandise diminutions which show that the variable factors are inefficient and the entire production additions at a decreasing rate. In this graph x- axis shows the values of variable factors for illustration labour or capital whereas the y-axis shows the values of fringy production degree.

Theoretical Example of Law of Diminishing Return

Malthusian Theory of Population

This theory implies that the universe population ever increases in a more rapid manner than the nutrient supply between the people so, this jurisprudence based on the jurisprudence of decreasing returns because the growing degree is non plenty for the full population or nutrient supply is non demoing the additive manner to crush the growing of population.

Real World Example of Law of Diminishing Return

This theory is fundamentally applied in the agricultural sector because it is a more sensitive country. This jurisprudence is besides applicable in industrial sector or concern countries. For illustration for the production of wheat if a individual used more and more chemical fertiliser on the peculiar land so this can be affected severely to the wheat turning land so the fringy end product degree will cut down after some clip. It comes to the illustration of capital intensive industries so good seem that the inordinate usage of capital can cut down the fringy end product degree of industrial merchandises if care of machineries is non taking topographic point after some yearss.