Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler Essay

Adolf Hitler was born and raised in Austria. From the early start of his life he had a very brutal look on life.

When he moved to Munich his life on the streets worsened his views. In the 30s he moved to seize power and make Germany a dictatorship. After becoming Dictator he used his powers to cleanse the nation. His racial views on life and brutal tactics made Germany a world Power. Hitler was born on the eve of April 20th 1889.

He had two sisters and a brother. The first three children of his mom Ida Hitler died shortly after their birth. There are few records about Hitler’s first years in Braunau Austria.

His own book Mein Kamph gave little detail and they are based on translations (Kershaw 3). He was born to Alois and Klara Hitler. They moved around from time to time to different small farm towns in Austria (Adolf Hitler 3). One day while his father was eating breakfast he collapsed and died.

Years later in 1907 his mom died, he then dropped out of high school and headed to Vienna Italy (Adolf Hitler 3). He went to realize his dream of being a painter. He applied to the Viennese Academy of Fine Arts hoping to realize his vision. His paintings got him into the exam but he didn’t score high enough to get in (Adolf Hitler 3).He lived painting and sketching in low taverns while living on the streets (Adolf Hitler1).

In 1913 he traveled to Munich. At first he was living on the streets going day to day doing odd jobs. Then he wound up in a men’s home. This is where his Nationalist and Anti- Semitic views skyrocketed (Adolf Hitler1). He developed his first education in politics by studying the Demagogic techniques of Christian Social Mayor Karl Lugar (Adolf Hitler1). This view was brutal and was about keeping the German race pure.

Lugar taught him that all the chaos and disruption in culture was caused by the Jewish and Marxists.When World War 1 rolled into German town Hitler joined the Bavarian Army. He served in the Sixteenth Bavarian Infantry unit as a messenger. He was shot and gassed four weeks before the end of the war and ended up in the hospital for two months (Adolf Hitler1). He was awarded the Iron Cross for bravery and this is where he got the iron cross for the Nazi’s. He viewed the result of the war as a betrayal by the Marxists and the Jews (Adolf Hitler 3). He believed fate had chosen him to raise Germany from the ashes of old and into a new era of prosperity (Adolf Hitler1).

Hitler wrote in his book Mein Kampf “I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord. (Mein Kampf). When Hitler returned to Munich with other veterans and joined the Germans Workers Party. In 1921 Hitler became the chairman of the Nazi Party; formally known as the German Workers Party. He made the group into a private army and won the support of Field Marshal Ludendorff (Adolf Hitler 2). Two years later he along with Ludendorff sought to over throw the Bavarian government.Hitler regarded the government as frail and corrupt.

They made a speech in a beer hall in Munich and gained 3,000 followers. They then proceeded with Hitler’s storm troopers and Marched to Berlin. They surrounded the government and demanded leaders to swear allegiance to the new rebellion. They government fired on Hitler’s militia killing sixteen and soon stopped the rebellion (Adolf Hitler1). Shortly after Hitler was arrested and sentenced to five years in prison for treason. During this time frame he wrote Mein Kampf; which means my struggle in German.He only served for nine months. While he was in prison the Putsch made Hitler known all throughout Germany (Adolf Hitler 2).

His book became the bible for National Socialism. The party slowly grew until the depression started in 1929. During the depression the party’s number of supporters leaped (Adolf Hitler 2) during the depression the Germans were struggling with their war det. Also they had to deal with Hyperinflation, Political chaos and a possible communist invasion. To gain power Hitler promised to uproot Jewish financial advisers and promised the workers job security.By this time he was a master at psychology and political maneuvering.

In 1932 he ran for president and lost to veteran Hindenburg. He reinforced his position by falsely supporting Chancellor Franz Papen. A year later the Nazi party was the largest group in the Reichstag. Hitler was elected chancellor and was supported by Alfred Hugenberg (Adolf Hitler 2). Hitler then put a prohibition on the Jews. He took away their citizenship and prohibited them from marrying German citizens. Also they couldn’t hire maids under forty five. This is the first step the Nazi’s took to make Germany a racist state.

These measures became known as the Nuremberg Laws (Victor). In 1933 he pushed the conservatives from holding any real power. He brought an end to free trade unions and eradicated the communists, Social Democrats, and Jews from any political status.

He then swept his opponents into concentration camps (Adolf Hitler1). Homosexuals at first didn’t bother Hitler. He said “as long as their good Nazi’s I don’t care what their personal life is”. Later on he changed his mind and started killing them and putting them into concentration camps (Victor). His goal was to purify the Arian race.He used wicked tactics to turn the Reichstag into a dictatorship. When there was a fire at the capital he blamed the communists and used mudslinging tactics to bar them from office.

Hitler now controlled all the seats in the capital and they voted to change the government to a dictatorship (Adolf Hitler 2). Several of Hitler’s men resigned and were later found murdered. Next he hunted down Jews, Socialists, and communists and either killed them or had them imprisoned.

In 1939 Hitler made a nonagressionpact with the leader of the USSR promising not to invade.He then invaded Poland starting World War II. Hitler put himself in charge of war strategy. At the battle of Stalingrad he refused to surrender resulting in massive casualties for Germany (Adolf Hitler2). By 1941 the United States had entered the war to try and stop the axis powers. Hitler gave a peace solution and terms to Great Britain but they refused them.

He took this and gave the capital a final solution to the Jewish problem. Several weeks later he started annihilate them. As the war progressed North Africa fell and like a domino effect other Axis powers also fell.In 1943 Mussolini surrendered and Italy fell. Allied troops stormed Normandy the pushed Germany eastward. At the same time the Soviets hounded the Reich from the other side (Adolf Hitler3) . As the tide of the war turned against Germany Hitler’s top officials plotted an assassination attempt, they failed and were all shot.

Hitler hired new officials and told them that there Germans were to fight to the death. He holed up in Berlin with the remainder of the Third Reich. The Allied forces stormed the city from all sides and soon the Reich fell.Before they broke the defenses Hitler married his love Eva Braun and a day later the both slaughtered themselves. This brought a end to what is referred to as Germanys darkest days (Adolf Hitler2).

Hitler was one of the most brilliant strategists of all time. He was a good leader and rallied his troops although his intentions weren’t noble. He moved Germany from depression and a time of crisis to a formidable force.

When Hitler died it put an end to a oppressive tyranny. In Germany today the holocaust isn’t taught because of those dark days.