Necessity is the Mother of Invention Essay

It was a hot summer twenty-four hours. A crow felt thirsty and he flew off in hunt of H2O. He flew all around but cold non non happen any H2O. He felt thirstier and was tired every bit good.

Suddenly. he saw a hurler in a garden. He flew down to it but was saddened to see really small H2O in it. He tried to imbibe it but his beak could non make it.

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He looked about and saw some pebbles scattered here and at that place. He hit upon a great thought. He started picking he pebbles and dropped them one into the hurler. Gradually the H2O degree rose to the point where his beak could make.

The crow drank the cool H2O from the hurler and flew off gloating merrily. His wisdom saved him from deceasing of thirst.