Need and Good Listener Essay

My supervisor would say he never shuts up, he ask a lot of questions. If have a problem or something that needs to be done I can count on him to do it correctly. Good listener and enforcer of rules. Good at keeping the morale up.

. What leadership style do use? I think I use more of friendly leadership style. I am not big on yelling, intimidating or micromanaging. Let my expectation be known constantly and assist whenever I feel I need to. I like to push individuals to excel especially after I have given them the tools to succeed and then just watch over them. I make sure I am doing what is needed so that can lead by example.

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I think I have been effective in my leadership approach. I have a lot of respect in and UT of immediate area.I have been told by my Airman that they appreciate the way that I am with them. They act like they want to follow me and rarely ever give me any kind of problems when I’m giving out work. If someone does, usually someone else will correct them before I even get the chance. 4. How would I describe myself as a NCO? I think I am pretty thorough. Am someone always looking to get better and to find out more answers.

Like to have all the answers for my Airmen so am constantly trying to get better for their sake. 5.How would your supervisor describe you as a NCO? I think my supervisor would say Im very professional. He consistently demonstrates the core values and his desire to be better. 6. What are my strengths? I would have to say my strength are as such: hardworking, dedicated, knowledgeable, patient, fun, open minded, goal oriented, honest, dependable, self-starter and positive. 7.

What is my essence? The qualities that make me who I am are: my faith, dedication, being laid back, fun loving, desires, my values, ethics, beliefs, competitiveness and my drive.