One hair-pilling during their game. Polls concerning this

One would think sports to be a mediator concerning the problem with stereotypical views on different sexes; however, the sad truth is quite surprising. Women who play sports are looked at as delicate because the sport itself is placed under the category of a “gentler fare” even though the same sport is practiced by men daily (Crary 1). It is almost humorous that women are subjected to the discrimination of a sport being renamed to better suit its players.

For example, women who play the common sport of football are considered to be playing ‘powder puff’. The name in itself is demeaning enough as the diction portrays the feelings of a soft and delicate game though the only difference is the sexes involved. The idea that Martha and Susan dominate the sidewalk at recess with the jump ropes and hopscotch while David, Jimmy, Paul and Joe manage the courts and fields connects to the preconceived notion that those are the things they were meant to do.

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Men feel as though they are more qualified to play the tougher contact sports than woman are because their role in society permits it, while a woman’s main motherly duties contradict their capability to partake in any activities. Stereotypical thoughts of sexes concerning sports obviously exist and prosper in youth as well as into adult hood. In a recent current event, two college soccer players were active in some controversy resulting in vicious hair-pilling during their game.

Polls concerning this game in particular provided by a website cited the question, “Do you find violent women sexy? ” The poll is clearly intended to excite the male’s imagination because most men find females partaking in activities out of the “norm” to be considered more attractive. Instead of making some other type of conclusion about the fight, the poll makes a statement subjecting women to the sole idea of an object. God forbid the question to ask something concerning the essence of the fight itself.

Viewers of the video clips posted on a website refer to the controversy as a “catfight” and the attacker’s menstrual cycle to be a main source of anger and vicious will. The same men who find women fighting “sexy” retort the fight to be a “catfight” with connotations of obvious negativity (Crary 1). Men use the excuse of the menstrual cycle to prove that women cannot create anger of their own will because men are the ones who are meant to handle their situations with violence, not a woman. They do this in order to ensure not to damage their concrete ego and dominant place in society.