New know how the atmosphere in colleges abroad

New York University is ranked 30th in National
University with a good reputation worldwide with centers in Abu Dhabi, Shanghai, Accra, Berlin,
London, Madrid, Paris, Sydney and even in Washington D.C.  I have only applied to one campus
which is the New York campus. Studying abroad was a major priority for me as I
really want to travel to the United States and get to know how the atmosphere
in colleges abroad are. I chose New York University as I wanted to experience
one of the world’s great metropolises – New York City as well.

I learnt that NYU has divergent cultures. People around every
corner of the world is present at this university, be it the residence hall,
the library or even at the student center. People come together to create,
exchange various ideas, opinions and create a better social environment, these
experiences helps a lot in building one’s career. 

The one thing that caught my attention was the various
communities NYU has to offer. From residence halls to various clubs and
organizations. Participating in these various clubs and organizations would
develop my experience better as it would help me in long run to connect with
diverse classmates.

I would like to pursue Business
Marketing program and Leonard N. Stern School of Business at New York
University is well known institute for Business management. Stern school of
business is ranked among the best. Since I would like to continue my MBA post
the under graduate program I chose NYU Stern. This course of study would help
me develop a strategic mindset, as most of the business have competition. It
would allow me to be proactive in my strategic response as well. A strategic
mindset would allow me to lead the market with various developing products.
Developing, launching and witnessing consumers buying a product is the goal
that I would want to achieve and my course at the New York University Stern
will help me in this.