New Jersey Bullying Law Essay

New Jersey Bullying Law Bullying occurs almost everywhere in the world. And there is no real solution to this global problem.

In most places government puts laws against bullying, some stronger than the other. The bullying law in New Jersey is one of the toughest one. This law is called “Anti Bullying Bill of right”.

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This law is intended to eliminate loopholes in the state’s first anti-bullying law, which was created in 2002. New Jersey’s new Anti-Bullying law will require training for most public school teachers, administrators and other employees on how to spot bullying.School districts would be graded by the state on their efforts to stand against bullying. Administrators that don’t report incidents of bullying would be disciplined, while students who bully could be suspended or expelled. Also school employees will have to report any incidents of bullying even if it’s out of school. The grade that New Jersey State got is A++ unlike Michigan, which has an F. Us, New Jersey have a really different way against bullying because we try to have programs but Michigan have an F because they don’t even have a law that is against bullying.One state that has a similar anti bullying law like New Jersey is Texas.

There law states that “… requires the Texas School Safety Center to develop programs that address “sexting” (sexually explicit material or photos sent by text message), and better responses to incidents of bullying and “cyberbullying” (bullying through the Internet). ” Texas is similar to us because we are trying to make programs that would stop bullying in any shape or form, and so is Texas. As united we shall all stop bullying even if it isn’t a law, we should put a stop to this before too many lives are lost.Citations of Bullying Cases In The News ~ * PEREZ, FRANK. “Bullying of Gay Students, and Suicides. ” The New York Times.

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