New Road Essay

There was once a wide variety of shops in New Road such as a green grocer, florist, butchers and a wool shop but they have since been forced to close down and have been replaced by hair and beauty salons, a new modern cafe and lots of different types Of takeaways because of the constraints of the larger us parakeet chains. There is one business that has not changed with the times on New Road,

Crest’s cafe, it is where the older groups and more disadvantaged groups of people from Sunken go because they feel that they fit in better there, John Crises has kept his cafe the same for the older generation of his community and also keeps his prices reasonable as the more disadvantaged people are then able to go there to socialism and feel comfortable in their surroundings. Mr.. Crises socialites with his customers too, which also helps him to know and understand what his customers want and it also gives the place a more personal touch.

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The older groups go to Crest’s not just because of their difference, they choose to go there because of the service as well, yet the disadvantaged groups go there because they do not have much choice due to the inequality, they have lost out in the society, where people can go to socialism as well as having specially catered for food. Inequality has played a part in their lives constricting them from going to the more up market cafe down the road because they simply can not afford it similarly to those who go to the Taste Buds Cafe on City Road, as this is also a familiar place to the immunity. An see that the newer cafe down the road from Crest’s attracts a very different kind of individual that are from in and around the village, it’s modern look, market menu and variety of food and drink attracts the younger and more upper class people. Business people go to this cafe also, for meetings and the young people go there because it is trendy and expensive, this makes them feel different because they are younger, making them feel like they belong in the higher class of society and can afford to go there.

These groups choose to go there rather than go to the old cafe cause they are different, they would rather mix with the similar groups to themselves. The Mackintosh Center’s expensive looking exterior links to this as it shows how even the outside appearance of buildings can create a feeling of inequality to the lower class, the newer cafe on New Road also looks expensive and attractive, making the unequal feel as though they do not belong there. In this short essay, the examples of New Road given are linked to City Road in many ways. It outlines some of the difference and inequalities that society has made and remade.