NewIGN SS to catch vape and as well

NewIGN (In Game Name):ImVeryScary/ADirtyJew (I would rather use my ImVeryScary account if I were a staff member because the server will not look toxic.)» Age:13 Turning 14 Very Soon (Sounds 15) My Birthday Is 18 September If You Want To Know This» Timezone:G B T -Great Britain Timezone-» Do you have telegram?:Yes I Do Message Me On Discord If You Want It!» Do you have teamspeak?:Yes I Do Message Me On Discord If You Want Me To Join It!» Do you have a good mic?:Razer Kraken Pro V2 And If I Want To Use My Audio Technica AT2020 I Can» How many hours will you be online a day? (week-days):3-5hours but if I must study, I will only be on for a few hours max. Its depends what days because if my mum isn’t home or at her boyfriends i can play till 11:30 so i can get an extra hour or two and a bit.» How many hours will you be online a day? (weekend):Literally 4-6hours of playtime on the weekend unless I have a sports event as I am a Scottish national runner, and play rugby as well!» Are you staff on any other servers currently?:No, But I probably am but I have forgot the ip!» Why should we pick you as a staff member?:Because… I can tell if a player is hacking because I am naturally talented at pvp, I also know how to code java which also a very big help when trying to code certain server plugins, I am also very active as you can see. I am usually a nice guy but if I’m in a bad mood (family issues) I’m quite moody but I can still perform my best at my job, I also have a lot of experience with staff as I have been staff on many servers but… they were not big servers. I also am very talented at building which his a big help when paying people to build when you already have builders. I also know how to SS to catch vape and as well as that i can also teach English to the other staff members who don’t speak the best of the English language. I also tell the truth as well that i am very nice and respectful when i am in a good mood » Do you have any previous staff experience? (If yes, on what servers and what ranks):Yes, surprisingly I do, I have been helper on several servers (just because helper is a very simple job and they usually involve little amounts of effort). I have also been moderator and chat-moderator many of times. as you can I am very toxic player and in which this helps me be a chat-moderator, so if something said in chat is above my standard of toxicity then it’s obviously something worrying (I am not toxic to players). I have been a admin / developer a few times because I know quite a lot of commands and I know how to code. I actually once owned a server and it wasn’t the most successful, but it still went very well i made a lot of money from it which is how i bought my pc and once it died off because of other rivals i stopped it and just started playing Minecraft as a normal player. I also was a staff member on the server OreCraft which has changed its name to FireCraft i believe, i personally do not remember even though i was only helper i was told i was a very experienced and well managed staff member which brought great potential to the team, sadly i was banned because i had a sharp 300 which was normal on that server as it as a op prisons server and the top rank had access to sharp 200 but the op kit which cost 30 dollars had sharp 350 and obviously i bought that kit and i literally one shot everything (people) and i was called out for abuse and hacking and the owner ban me without ssing me or checking my commands. So the server owner more or less false banned me» Have you ever been punished on our network?:Yes, I have only been muted a few times for having rants at abusive staff members such as MercilessBandit and being “racist” aka talking about my own religion in chat.» What attributes would you bring to the staff team?:I can teach people how to code and how and I can show newer members to the team how things should be done around here (deltapvp network), I’m also very useful when building and using commands to help players out and to be honest I don’t play on any other server because it’s so fun and I love the community!» Additional Information, I should be chosen because people love my honesty and my humour as well as that the staff already love me as i am the chosen one of this world. i also have a very athletic life because as i have already said i run for Scotland and i play rugby and football. i also know how to code and do the dirty work of the server, I’m very good negotiations so i can get the server some very nice help when needed. I’m also very fluent in English and i am a very confident young men who is not the typical 13 year old squeaker i actually act like a fully grown man who also doesn’t care about showing his face to other people and talking to anybody unlike most people who are virtually afraid of showing themselves to the open world because they’re afraid of getting bullied. I Also have a lot of experience in H C F and Kit Pvp and i am well known for it because i have played since 2013 or 2012 when Minecraft was literally a brand new thing and i have a lot of experience in every single type of server! I am a uk player so i can play at different times to the U.S and theNetherlands staff members.