Nichole together. The doctor best known of

Nichole Bosma


Topic: Infamous Doctors

Thesis: The doctors during the
holocaust experimented on people, to find a “cure” for the army or sick

the years of the Holocaust millions of Jews or other people not Nazis were
experimented on in the cruelest ways possible. Like cutting twins in half and
sewing them together. The doctor best known of doing this is named Josef
Mengele. In the camp of Auschwitz these poor people being experimented on just
to help either the military or to help “medical research”.

of the experiments was that of sewing twins together and trying to change eye
and hair color all for the name of science. Another experiment was shooting
people with poisonous bullets to see the effects of the poison on the human
body. In the same place they also made people drink seawater so the scientist
can try to make a way to drink saltwater safely without all the bad things that
will happen to your body. These people had to come down to the level of licking
the freshly mopped floor to try to obtain as much water as they could. They had
the saltwater but all that did was dehydrate the crap out of them.

and doctors wanted to learn or create regeneration in humans. Like bones,
muscle, and nerves all without any pain reliever. These doctors would cut
strips out of bones to see if the missing part would come back. Hate to say it
but I think whatever the doctors cut out stayed out.

would drive people slowly insane by putting kids in chairs and dropping a
hammer every few seconds. This person this is happening to will slowly loose
there mind. Also during this time they were looking for malaria cures, so
doctors would inject test subjects with this disease, try to cure it, fail,
then just lets the person die if they fail over and over again.

people who did this were very evil. People with no morals and didn’t even care
if people died from there stupid experiments. One of these people is famously
known as Josef Mengele. This man personally chose over 400,000 people to be set
on fire or sent to the gas chambers. People gave him the nickname the Angel of
Death for killing so many people. When the Russians took over Auschwitz he fled
to South America. Many years later scientist found his body in Embu, Brazil.

to the horrible experiments, there was one that was when they set mustard
against them, tried to treat the burns only to make medicine for the military
during the World Wars. One book Mischling by Affinity Konar was about a
survivor of twin experiments and tells what she went through with her twin
sister. Her and her sister were from Poland and were separated from the rest of
their family. Turns out these two twins had telepathic powers, which kept them
together even when Dr. Mengele was torturing one.

poor unfortunate souls that had to endure this couldn’t escape. These scientist
treating people like lab rats. Some experiments not even to advance the medical
field. Just to be total jerks they would kill just for fun. Just because these
people were different.


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