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Nick CarterChoirJanuary 5th7th PeriodRichard Wilhelm WagnerRichard Wilhelm Wagner was a very important figure of the nineteenth-century music. He was also important for nineteenth-century culture history for both his criticism ,others criticism and polemical writing, or writing attacks established beliefs.Richard Wilhelm Wagner was born May 22, 1813 in Leipzig, Germany. He was born into a middle class family. He was raised with eight siblings. Richards dad died very soon after Richard Wilhelm Wagner he was born and within a year his mother had already remarried Ludwig Geyer. People questioned weather Ludwig ,A traveling actor, was his real father. As a young child Richard showed little to no talent in anything except for writing poetry. Most of Richards Wagners musical training was largely left up to chance until he was eighteen, when he finally got to study with Theodor Weinlig in his hometown Leipzig, Germany. His career began in 1833 as a Choral director in Wurzburg and composing. Most of his composing was love and romance compositions. Ludwig Beethoven was one of his biggest major idle’s at the time he was composing in Wurzburg. Richard Wilhelm Wagner wrote his first opera,  Die feen (The Fairies), in 1833, it was not produced until after he had passed away. He was the music director in a theater in Magdeburg  from 1834 until 1836. His next work, Das Liebesverbot (Forbidden Love), Loosely based on one of William Shakespeare (1564-1616) Measure for Measure was performed in 1836 at the Magdeburg Theater. That year he also married Minna Planner a singer-actress active in one of the local theatrical lives. They say that he was the most innovative composer in the history of opera and one of the most long-winded.The first song that he composed and made into a successful song was Rienzi (1842). Wagner’s main aim was to create something called ,Gesamtkunstwerk, or “Total work of art.” His main idea was to create and reach beyond the traditional opera to create a beautiful piece of seamless art with a combination of music, drama, literature, visual art, and stagecraft. Weather or not Richard Wilhelm Wagner managed to make this is only a matter of opinion, but he did without a doubt create a piece of music and art that nobody at that time had ever seen or heard before. He created some of the longest works that they had at that time with one of his favorite pieces the such as the Ring Cycle. They were 4 of his longest opera pieces ever made that made up the Ring Cycle.Richard Wilhelm Wagner actually ended up being exiled from Germany and had to flee into Dresden in 1849 where he lived for almost fifteen years because of the revolution of 1848. The revolution of 1848 was a fight against the Monarchy or king of Germany which a lot of people didn’t like. The revolution was very unsuccessful against the German forces. He went into Switzerland and managed to settle in two different cities there. The first city that he managed to settle in was Zurich. The second city that he settled in was near Lucerne. Between those two cities he lived in switzerland for the almost 15 years. He lived those 15 years in Switzerland with little to no employment. Since he had been banished from Germany he couldn’t access, enter, or perform in any of the theatrical or musical things that relate or came back to germany. ”Wagner’s ‘Rienzi’.” NPR, NPR, 18 Jan. 2008, “Richard Wagner Biography.” Encyclopedia of World Biography,