Nietzche’s Moral and Political Philosophy Essay

In “Nietzsche Moral and Political Philosophy” Nietzsche theory of the strong and weak willed is explained to us. Nietzsche “seems to want to say that anyone who is strong, independent, and so on -? anyone who fits his description o the higher type of man -? is one who has value in himself’. I think it is interesting that Nietzsche puts such high value on a man who can think for himself, but if this man has followers and admirers of his work, these followers are considered weak willed.

If everyone in the world thought or himself and broke free of the society accepted norms, our World would be one of mad chaos. Nobody believing each other or taking another mans word, everyone having to find out for themselves, and everyone trying to rise above another to “break free from societal norms”. Although it should be praised when a man has a strong will to power and can break free from the common attitudes and beliefs, I do not believe this path of master morality is something every man should do.

C] Nietzsche seems to place a much higher value on a man that breaks free of society, and says the ‘followers” shape everything in society to work against this man,”[m]oral judgments and condemnations constitute the favorite revenge of the spiritually limited against those less limited” (BEG 219), and he claims that the “chief means” by which the “weak and mediocre… Weaken and pull down the stronger is “the moral judgment”.

To better understand this you could say, that the Government (the weak willed) put restrictions on citizens to get them to conform to societal norms. The goal of this is to weaken the citizens and prevent them from rising above the government. Olin the example used above would argue to Nietzsche that in rising above this weak willed government in order to become a strong willed person, could mean I am breaking laws and harming others in order to fit in the master morality category.

How would he explain criminals who “break free of societal norms and attitudes” but do it by unjust means? CLC think this theory of what a strong and weak willed man is, is very questionable.