Niger is a great place because of their food and plants that they have, it’s very good because they don’t add alcohol and things that kids can’t drink or eat. it. It’s also the nicest country you could ever visit because of their rules. Everyone is good to each other and never says anything disrespectful or mean. It is located in North Western Africa and is 17.6078° N, 8.0817° E it is at in the middle of Africa or the western part of Africa to a little bit of the left. Their landforms are mostly flat, but they have mountain areas but not as much. They grow so many crops that you can’t even count, Nigerians love vegetables, they grow beans, carrots, spinach and something called Deep Root Acacias that grow in the desert areas. The top animals that they have are lions, Zebras, Giraffes and Hippopotamuses. These animals populate so much because they don’t normally kill the animals unless it’s for a Feist. To some of these people animals are very sacred things that must not harmed in any way at all. They barely get any rain here, the weather in summer is scorching especially in August and April can get up to 106 degrees Fahrenheit. Most clothing that woman may where are types of dresses called raps made from bright patterned cloth and a scarf wrapped around the head. Nigeria is a federal republic with a weird President system. The constitution provides for separation of powers among the three branches of government. The buildings that they have in Niger are slim but huge wide tall, but in the parts where they have most earthquakes don’t have very tall buildings for specific reasons. Their tradition music doesn’t have much words but a lot of hand motion and symbols. For their instruments they (sometimes) use skins from like bears or snakes or just any animal with hard skin. If you want to get a really good job in Niger than you should know that if you have a high GPA. You get a better job but if you don’t have any degree or anything like that then you might not get picked for a really good paying job. Their environment has changed in a bunch of ways since 1998, it went from really bad looking houses to brick, stone, cement and wood. Their houses are not as good as the western part of Niger the western part has better built houses. Emergency officials in Niger say torrential rains have destroyed hundreds of houses. People are still trying to help with all the disasters that have happened. Some areas in Niger are very polluted and destroyed, some of the people that have no homes live here in these types of sad areas for food to. They often have grass areas where people might camp and build their own houses that are not as good as the other ones that people have in the western area. But people do come from other countries trying to help the people that are in need for good food, water and houses. By working together their environment has changed from not so nice to each other to most people being very kind. They were still nice to each each other way before but not just not as kind. The movement of people, imports and exports, and ideas all contribute to their commerce; however, not many people travel by bus or train because they sometimes do not have the money, so they result to use it bikes or Taxis. About 1.6 billion imports and exports have taken place this year. The exported stuff was mostly uranium ores, livestock, cowpeas and onions. The imported stuff was Rice, machinery, parts of vehicles and Cereals. The biggest idea that they have is building better structured companies and buildings and less people with no homes. They also carry many cows, chickens and horses. Their main language is English but some people come from different states or countries to come there and visit and most of them do not speak English. Niger is bordered by Benin, Cameroon, Chad and Nigeria. It shares borderlines with equilateral Guinea. Islam is the most followed religion in Niger, it’s a very big thing there all though some people don’t like it. Niger was divided into sixteen circles as second level administrative divisions: Agadez, Dogondoutchi, Dosso, Filingué, Gouré, Madaoua, Magaria, Maradi, Guigmi, Niamey, Tahoua, Téra, Tessaoua, Tillabéry, and Zinder. Their capitals had the same names as the circle. I noticed that the way people live in Niger is alright but not as good Americans do. They love each other and they care for each other and watch over the people that really need it. Their jobs are pretty tough and some of them don’t get paid enough for the work they do. They are always welcoming people that want to be welcomed to join them in traditional things and they will gladly let them. Although they have a tough time, I love that they will always stick together and get through the pain and suffering like they are family.