Nigeria given to those who accidentally come

  Nigeria being on the coast in the south lying on the Gulf of Guinea is a very beautiful place to visit although it’s not too friendly for those who reside there. Nigeria has many downside like many other countries, but their biggest struggle is the idea of the rights of citizens being abused by those who is supposed to protect them, law enforcement.     Rights is something that helps protect a person from government when something is not right. Rights are a privilege which can easily taken away. Rights can be disrespected and unlawfully snatched. I’m Nigeria many citizen are reported to occasionally experience some type of abuse from law enforcement, emotionally, physically and sexually. Their abuse of power has gained so much attention yet so little change has occurred. Government forces have created an atmosphere in insecurity due to their lack of accountability for human rights abuses”(Human Rights Watch) The citizens of Nigeria fear that it is absurd that’s policemen are poorly doing their jobs and are incriminating random people out in the street.     The amount and level of abuse given to those who accidentally come across these policemen s horrible and gruesome. A 23 yr old man experienced abuse from police and stated l that ” police in Enugu ties his hands and legs and suspended him from a ceiling fan hook. For hours he was beaten and, had broom bristles I steered into his penis and teargas powder rubbed into his eyes” (Maldar 1). There are many ways that police enforcement abuse like beating with cable wires, wooden planks, shooting to the hand or leg. “Two school girls from Enugu told me how they were gang-raped by three police officers in September 2004. They were aged 17 and 18.”(Maldar). These girls called out to a local human rights organization which supported them in complaining to the police in which afterwards they received multiple phone calls from the authorities harassing the young girls. With reporting the abuse there comes repercussions and there might be worse abuse. It’s now come to that people don’t acknowledge the abuse anymore and consider it to be something the police do daily. “Many victims do not even think to question their treatment” (Maldar 2). “The abuse has already become accustomed to their society. In the rare instances that cases are brought before a court, obstruction from the police and connivance with members of the judiciary ensure the perpetrators are seldom held accountable” (Maldar 2). The Humans Right Watch has been able to have the authorities prosecuted for their terrible actions. They have stated that “the optimism that followed the relatively peaceful elections that brought in President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration gradually gave way to concerns about government intolerance for dissent and heavy-handed violent responses to peaceful protest”(Human Rights Watch). With the new political changes in the country, corruption has become more visible and is able to be seen more clearly that it is not right. The human rights watch Has reached out to the british and other countries to help with the abuse of authority in Nigeria. “So far there has been a notable reluctance to do so”(Maldar 2). “Since coming to power in 1999, the president has shown no interest in justice, only in the oil production Nigeria is known for. “Nigeria’s importance in Africa, have apparently proved more valuable than the need to protect the fundamental rights and freedom of Nigerians”(Maldar 2). As the Citizen of Nigeria cry for help and hope for changes they can only call out for help an wait to see if anyone is able to really help. The Community policing programme states ” We want the police men to be punished. We need justice”(Maldar 2).