Nigeria directly with people solving problems, both

Nigeria my homeland is still
a developing country with need to improve its public administration and policy.
While growing up I always wondered what I could do to make a positive change in
the lives of my people. Whenever l read about government Policies and programs
as well as the behaviour of officials, I feel a desire to develop my knowledge
further and not just continue in my career, but to give much more and on a
greater scale. The overwhelming majority of families still lack basic
necessities in Nigeria, there is little to no electricity in many states,
children still die from curable diseases and security is abysmal. In my search
for a better life for my people, an intense passion grew within me as I began to
realize that people do not have to live this way, that in other parts of the
world people are able to live comfortable lives, and this is why I became
interested in public administration.

During and after my
undergraduate studies in Accounting at Redeemers University where I majored in Financial Management, Taxation and Public Sector
Accounting including Business Administration, Economics and statistics, I
have had a number of jobs and I have learnt to embrace the diversity of their
experiences. I have worked in offices crunching numbers and I have worked
directly with people solving problems, both of which I believe are important
aspects of public administration. I believe that my professional background
will greatly aid in my graduate education, because it has created a strong
desire for me to find a focus, along with a determination to succeed.

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My professional goal is to contribute to the improvement of the standard
of life of communities through the implementation of sound policies. I am particularly
interested in public administration & policy in two broad areas; the
relation of sound policies to sustainable development and how proper policies
can allow the major actors of society (the state, governmental and
non-governmental agencies) to work together in unity and with a common goal.
There is a great need to evaluate current policies and find a way of improving
them and also implement new approaches to public policy from a more
macro-level. I aspire to search for relevant knowledge and competencies that
will enable me contribute to the national vision of overall improvement of
service delivery for the population in my country.

I firmly believe the Master of Public administration is the appropriate
course for me to achieve my objectives. My academic and career interest in
Public administration and International Affairs has prompted me to apply to
University of Manitoba to draw from their established experience in policy
analysis. The international orientation of the course is a particular highlight
and provides a wider scope for learning and sharing different experiences. The
nature of this course would accord me an extraordinary opportunity to learn at
an institution of excellent international repute from a group of leading

Thank you for your consideration.