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This report recommends that basketball players try the Nike Air Flightposite. These shoes are hyper-thin, with a fully integrated molded foamposite PU upper construction and a full-length, dynamic sleeve. This shoe is built for speed with a zippered dynamic-fit lace cover; the shoeliner is encased with Zoom Air to provide enhanced cushioning and responsiveness during quick moves. All-around players seeking a high traction shoe with a sock like fit. Among other advantages, the Air Flightposite extremely lightweight and has a great forward roll for fastbreaks.

Cost is close to $160.00 a pair, but is worth every penny, if you are indeed a serious basketball player.

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This report will present the necessary information to help you pick the right pair of basketball shoes.There are many different combinations of components, which will make a basketball shoe perfect for you.

Finding the shoes just right for you is a long and energy-draining process. There are a few questions you must ask yourself when purchasing your basketball shoes. Will the materials and construction of the shoe produce the quality you expect? Will the shoes provide you with comfort? Will the shoes reflect your playing style? Are the shoes constructed in a way that will provide stability, and greatly reduce the risk of pain and injury? And will the style of the shoe reflect your personality and describe your game? The answer to all of these questions is yes, if you are considering the Nike Air Flightposites.

The basic problem of actually purchasing a pair of basketball shoes, is the fact that there are so many brands, choices, styles, and prices. The following are some important characteristics that the Air Flightposite will provide.

Quality is a top priority when picking your shoe. Materials and construction are the two factors to quality and the Air Flightposite has just the quality you are looking for. The shoe has a combination of synthetic leather, neoprene dynamic fit sleeve with a high wrapping foamposite construction. The midsole features fully integrated phylon foam, with full length Zoom Air sockliner for enhanced cushioning and responsiveness during quick moves.

Along with quality, comfort is a major factor. Comfort can be obtained by trying on different sizes. These shoes have a basic shrink to fit system. Many shoes may offer an inner bootie system, but none compare to that of the Air Flightposite. The inner bootie system of these shoes is actually secured with the outer shell allowing for no movement, which will keep your feet in place, providing maximum comfort.

Playing Style
Everyone knows different types of players need different types of shoes. A guard needs a shoe that is lightweight, and can adjust to rotational movement. A post-player needs a shoe that provides maximum stability. And those who can play all positions, Nike have introduced this shoe. They have combined all the requirements to create a shoe that is for the player who can do a little bit of everything.

Pain and Injury Reduction
Another characteristic, sometimes overlooked, is the fact that shoes must help prevent, or at least reduce, the risk of pain and injuries. A shoe must provide the right combination of materials to provide stability, flexibility, and shock absorption can greatly fulfill these needs and help keep your feet and legs healthy. The Air Flightposite is designed to support vertical stops, stop and go and rotational motion. The shoe is of top rank when it comes to shock absorption. It starts with a zippered upper mold made of lightweight foamposite material. Hyper-thin and supple, it molds to the foot to fully integrate with the flexible compression-molded midsole that has a Zoom Air pad in the sockliner.

As for looks, these shoes are one of a kind. These shoes will provide you with a unique and innovative look. They are sure to draw peoples attention, so you better be on top of your game if you are wearing these shoes.

Nothing beats the excitement of buying a new pair of basketball shoes. The Nike Air Flightposite capitalizes on this excitement.

They have a striking color combination, a sleek design, they make a statement, and they feel good. They provide and enhance all the necessary components needed in a basketball shoe, as listed:
(1) They are constructed of materials to provide
The highest quality for your money.

(2) They are sure to keep your feet comfortable
throughout your game or games.

(3) They are set up to provide support for players who can play any position.

(4) They are carefully designed to greatly reduce
pain and injury.

(5) As for style, these shoes are definitely unique and will be sure to grab peoples attention.

The next time you are trying to find the perfect basketball shoes be sure to try on the Nike Air Flightposite. Once you feel how much this shoe resembles a sock, you will be sure to take them home