Njhs Essay

Joining the National Junior Honor Society seems like a great opportunity for me to help our community. I really want to join NJHS to share my ideas and hear others’ ideas. I am an ambitious, hard worker, and will satisfy any community work that needs to be done. I am a good leader, as well as a participating citizen. I work not only to be the best, but also to impress myself with all that I can do. I feel I could be a great member of NJHS. Good character is important to everyone; being rude or bad-mannered can make school much less fun.

I’m always open to others’ ideas. When my grade was in P. E. , we had to make a team cheer. Before we decided what our cheer was going to be, I listened to everyone’s idea of a cheer. I took every person’s idea into consideration, and in the end, we had a cheer that we all liked. I respect everyone; my parents, teachers, siblings, even strangers. Have you ever met a nice person who has no friends? I know. I haven’t either, so why can’t we all just do a little to change a lot?

Having good character could really make this community, this world, a lovely place to live. I feel I am a good enough scholar to keep up my grades and be given the responsibility of being a member of NJHS. I’ve been on honor roll for a couple years now, and I plan to stay on it. I am a hard worker at school and always try my best effort. When I try my hardest, it shows in my outstanding work with high marks. My good scholarship is represented by my grades. I also prioritize the most important things first.

I always put my school work in front of video games, or hanging out with my friends. At school, once I’ve finished my work for the current class, I’ll read a book or work on homework I haven’t finished from any other classes. I’m good at working with deadlines, as I always put schoolwork first. I hope to keep my grades up, and maybe go to a college for music teaching so I can be a band teacher when I grow up. I have the quality of leadership that I believe would make me a successful NJHS member.

I think that I could be a good influence and leader to other students. I don’t do anything to make me seem “cool,” or join any bandwagons. I never imitate any bad influences. In P. E. , we play a game called handball. My P. E. teacher made me one of the 6 team leaders to keep score of our team’s goal and have my team give the other high fives at the end of class. I enjoy being in charge of things and given responsibilities. I’m also a very ambitious person. Last year when I first started band, I knew I wanted to become a really good clarinet player.

Playing an instrument was new for me, but after a while, I got really good. Every day at home, I practice to become better, tune to get a nicer sound, and pay attention in band class to what the band teacher has to say. There’s really no limit to my ambitions and goals; once I put my mind to something and work hard, I know I can do it. I plan to show service by volunteering and participating in fundraisers. So far, I’ve done participated in two fundraisers that included selling candy to help raise money for my school.