None of This Is Fair Essay

Victoria Camargo 10/29/12 p. 4 Pre-AP None of This Is Fair By: Richard Rodriguez Richard Rodriguez states in his piece, None of This Is Fair, that Affirmative Action programs are inefficient in reaching the seriously disadvantaged. He continues to support his point by giving a personal experience. In his experience he is faced with the challenge of accepting the guilt that would accompany the accepting of a job offer that he knew came because he was a minority. He struggled as he saw others, more diligent than he, who got a measly one or even no job offers while he was getting so many that he couldn’t even count.He struggles with the guilt and the imminent decision he soon had to make, and after a peer accuses him, or his ethnicity, of being piggy-backed by Affirmative Actions he comes to his firm decision that he will not accept any of the job offers that he had received. However, was he right in declining the offers he had received? He must have perceived it as an act of defiance, as a way to show Affirmative Action that he will not gain easy access to colleges because of his ethnicity, because he was a minority.

Yet did this change anything? This in no way affected Affirmative Actions, they most likely did not research why he declined their offers, they did not care and most likely moved on. One reason why he did it was to shirk the guilt that would come with accepting anything; he knew he was considered a minority yet the real minority could even afford a decent education. Focusing on his situation and the way he handled it, he made a mistake.

Instead of rejecting all of his offers he could have chosen the one he desired.Taken the job they offered him and continue to be an English professor, educating students on such things that he went through. How minorities are given the advantage, how Affirmative Action is unfair.

He could have started a domino affect so big that Affirmative Action would have had to reconsider their ethnicity quotas. Yet by rejecting this opportunity to avoid his personal guilt, he accomplished absolutely nothing. Rodriguez did have good intentions, and obviously good morals if guilt drove him to decline so many offers he readily had.And he was right when it came to how Affirmative Actions unjustly treats others, how they pay special attention to “minorities” when the real minority is on the streets, uneducated.

Yet as said before he accomplished nothing by rejecting his offers. Perhaps he avoided some future guilt he could have faced; yet he could have used his opportunities to begin something big. To create an awareness of this injustice, awareness so large and known that something would eventually be done about it. All in all Rodriguez had good intentions, however he wasted such a wonderful opportunity.