North American Union Essay


Several proposals have been made of uniting the North America Countries (Mexico, America, and Mexico) since mid nineteenth centaury. Unions like the Free Trade Area of the Americas and North America Technate have been proposed but they faced many criticisms from many scholars particularly the American scholars. The Scholars who criticized the two proposed unions (the Free Trade Area of the Americas and North America Technate) are the one who came up with the North America union. The Idea of the North America union is mainly being championed by the business people, who view it as a tool for changing the North American Free Trade Agreement into a North American Union which will be a replica of the European Union.

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Literature review

North America Union is a proposed union involving America, Canada, and Mexico. The Proposed Union is to adopt the same currency known as the Amero and the same organization structure like the one for the European Union. North America Union will also have a same highway known as the NAFTA (see appendix 1) the idea of North America Union was brought about by task force known as the Independent Task Force on North America. The formation of North America Union is mainly being propagated by the SPP (Security and Prosperity Partnership). (Pastor2006 page 12).

Amero is a term used to refer to the common currency that will be used in the North America Union. Herbert G.G an economist from Canada was is the one who proposed the term (Amero) in 1999.He received support from some scholars like Pastor Robert. Soon after the adoption of the common currency (Euro) in Europe, many North America countries saw the need of adopting Amero as a single currency. The Americans rejected the adoption of the Amero as they viewed it as lacking benefit to them. The Canadian left wing nationalist led some Canadians in rejecting the opinion of Amero, given that they viewed it as an attempt by the business men from America to gain access to their market, and natural resources hence dismantling the Canadian Economy. In 2005 when the Independent Task Force on North America met in US, the idea of Amero was thwarted as only Mexico was for it. Vicente Fox the former Mexican president echoed the idea during the meeting and further expressed support for the formation of the North America Union with one currency. (Edwin 2006 page 14)

The North America Union will have different impact (both negative and positive) on both government, we will look at the impact to all the three countries
To US; it is likely to have a negative impact into the economy of US given that US dollar has a greater value compare to the other two partners. By adopting Amero the economy of the US is likely to fall by a significant percentage. US and Canadian government has faced a lot of criticism from their citizens about the issue of forming North America Union, the citizens view it as a policy which will have a negative impact towards their economy that is why it has been rejected in both countries. ( Anthony 2008)
Sovereignty can be defined as the right to instill authority over oneself, over a person, over a country, or over a government. Absoluteness is the most important aspect of sovereignty. A Sovereign body or Country is normally not limited by law or the constitution. While some scholar are of the view that our sovereignty wont be affected   but in real sense with the formation of North American Union our sovereignty will be affected in the following ways; With the formation of North America Union, constitution to govern the three countries will have to be formulated, this will make us to abandon our constitution in order to adopt the new one. The country will loose its sovereignty because it will be directly under North America Union, and whenever they are passing any law they will have to ensure it does not contradict with the North America Union laws. The mass immigration of people to America will a erode sovereignty, not only will the US territory be lost but a new type of sovereignty erosion will occur. US state will loose their power for example the California governor will have to be granted a go head from Mexico for him to sign into law any legislation affecting the Hispanic in California. Our Sovereignty will also be affected given that the immigrants from other countries will come with their cultures, and some Americans may decide to adopt it, with time our culture will be no more. ( Eggers.2006)

The job market will be affected greatly, given that currently NAFTA has made many industries to relocate to Mexico, as many corporate want to take advantage of the cheap labor available in Mexico this has made thousands of workers jobless. So with the formation on North America Union the situation will be worsened. In US the job market will be flooded as many migrant mainly from Mexico will move to US in search for a better job; this will result to increase in number of unemployed people in US. Transportation of goods across the countries will be faster, efficient and cheaper, this is attributed to the fact the Trans Texas Corridor will be constructed to link the three countries. Trans Texas corridor will be put in place. The corridor will be 368 meters in width. The highway will have facilities like water, petrol, electricity, and fiber optic and railway lines. With the removal of transportation barriers the economy of both countries are likely to flourish given that transportation industries is one of the backbones for economic growth. With the introduction of this highway the economy of US is likely to drop because the Mexican trucks will be transporting goods directly to Canada through US while evading using the American port, this is likely to bring down the income generated by the American port. According to Perryman (2005) the creation of North America Union, will benefit only the big corporate in US, while human rights and economic issues will be faced with problems. Currently NAFTA, has made over nine hundred thousands workers in US jobless while the job opportunities in US has gone down because many companies have relocated their manufacturing industries in Mexico where the cost of production is low, therefore the introduction of North America Union will further worsen this situation.( John 2004 Page 24)
To Americans immigration will be an issue, but to the Mexican immigration won’t be an issue. From the data available in US department of immigration most immigrants coming into US are usually Mexicans. So the Mexicans will have found an easier way of moving into US. While Americans prefer staying in their country rather than going to Mexico. With the migration of Mexican to US, in US facilities like water, electricity and houses will be strained because of the increase in population in. The rate of unemployment in US will also increase because many Mexican will be migrating to US. Crime rate is also likely to increase in US due to unemployment caused by the massive migration of people to US. ( Bilderberg eta’l 2007)
There is yet to be an agreement concerning who will have an overall say incase the countries fail to agree. US has come up clearly that it is no supporting the formation of North America Union same to Canada. The said countries are therefore yet to formulate an organization structure of the North America Union. The US government (George Bush Administration) came under public attack, when rumor had it that North America Union will be put in place before 2010, this forced him to denounce the idea of the Formation of North America Union. . (Bilderberg eta’l 2007)
North American Union will make North America greener, mainly due to; the removal of the trade barriers will promote trade between the members countries, the member countries will be able to access others market with ease this is likely to boost the economy of both countries. It will also promote the relationship between the member countries. The market for the member countries product will be broader and lastly the members will have a better bargaining power in United Nation

Americans should fight against the establishment of the North American Union, for it will have more negative impact than the positive impacts, amongst the positive impacts it will have is; trade will improve as the removal of trade barriers between the countries will create a broader market, US companies will also be able to have access to the cheap mainly from Mexico. Amongst the negative impact it will have to US are; the adoption of a common currency will greatly affect US, given that the Value of their money is greater in value compared to the currency of both Canada and Mexico. The creation of North America Union, will benefit only the big corporate in US, while workers will be faced with problems. Currently NAFTA, has made over nine hundred thousands workers in US jobless while the job opportunities in US as gone down because many companies have relocated their manufacturing industries in Mexico where the cost of production is low, therefore the introduction of North America Union will further worsen this situation. The creation on North American Union will imply that US borders will be open to Canada and to Mexico the chances of drugs being sneaked into US through Mexico will be high. Given that the rate of drug abuse in Mexico is so high. Our borders will also be at risk of being attacked by terrorist, given that the borders will be open. Chances of loosing our sovereignty is also high, with the adoption of a single constitution we are likely to loose our sovereignty to the North American Union.  (Congressman Richardson 1994)

North American Union resembles the European Union, in many perspective amongst them are; in both Unions there is emphasis on promotion of trade amongst the member countries. In European Union the members countries have opened their borders for each other for trade, same as also be done in the three countries (America, Mexico and Canada), the European Union have adopted a single currency called the Euro, while in North America there is a proposal of adopting the Amero, another similarity is that in both unions some members have rejected the adoption of a single currency. For example the British Government rejected the proposal to do away with the British pound in favor of Euro; likewise in North America the US rejected the call of adopting Amero.

European Union is also different from the North American Union in different ways for example; European Union is also operating will North American Union is yet to be formed, if put in place North America Union will have three members while European Union have more than three  members. Currently   European Union has over thirty committees dealing with a variety of things ranging the environment, trade, energy just to mention but a few and with envoys across the seven continents. While the North American Union do not exist neither do they have envoys in any part of the world.


We should wake up and defend our country against, joining the North American Union. The country will loose its sovereignty because it will be directly under North America Union, and whenever they are passing any law they will have to ensure it does not contradict with the North America Union laws.  The rate of crime will also increase because of unemployment rate will be high. Thousands of our workers will loose their jobs as many big corporate will relocate to Mexico to take advantage of the cheap Labour.


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