North and Italian Renaisannce Contrast and Compare Essay

The Italian Renaissance and the Northern Renaissance were both spectacular events that occurred during the 17th-18th century Europe. The created movements in Art that left great impact on how we perceive art as it is today. They are very different movements, yet in some ways similar.

As they both focused on religion but it was the Northern Renaissance that primarily evolved around religion. As for the Italian Renaissance, it was focused on Greek and Roman Mythology.Essentially, both movements are very important to our History and our art as it is now… The Italian Renaissance, Which literally means the rebirth, came about in the city of Florence, Italy. The economy was flourishing after a recovery from the dark ages. It favored advances in Art, Literature and much other advancement. There were two major and very important elements during the renaissance. One was humanism. Humanism is the study of classical texts and ideas.

Some very famous Humanists were Petrarch, Plato (whom was inspired by Petrarch, gave himself a positive view of the human “potential”) Plato is famous for writing the oration on the dignity of man. Renaissance artists were the most important and influential people during that time period. Artists include, Leonardo Davinci and Michelangelo. The both had very natural and exquisite painting styles. One point perspective was the greatest advancement in art.

This allowed the artist to create natural and realistic sceneries. In conclusion, The Italian Renaissance established the foundations for the contemptuous Western Culture throughout history.There was a unique blend of Christian religion (of the declining papacy) with the Roman and Greek philosophies that were built up from the ancient and classical writings. Can we say thank you Italian Renaissance? As for the Northern Renaissance, it was essentially spread from Italy; the invention of the printing press is what started the Northern Renaissance. Gutenberg was the sole inventor of the printing press, in his birth city of Mainz. It was the increased and rising popularity in literacy during the 16th century.

This helped spread the ideas of the northern Humanists.Many Northerners were searching for new ways to spread and deepen their Christian roots. They did so through art and studying earlier Christian authors. Writers like Erasmus and Sir Thomas More, often criticized the churches to find ways to better it. Even though the church was criticized, its followers always remained faithful and still found ways to deepen it. In result, new painting techniques were introduced and famous flourishing painter such as Hans Holbein introduced his oil paintings’ which sprung life into the Northern lives.

Conclusively, both renaissances of Italy and Northern Europe both recovered from very dark times known as the middle ages. Both were fellow christens but Italy did not feel the need to prove their religious extremities through their advancement in literature and art as the North did. As for the north, They expressed their rising developments in reading the new testament(reading christen scriptures.

)Although there are many differences exist between the two, both movements gave “birth” to new cultural developments’ after the dark ages.