Not work. Just recently, there was a

Not all leaders are well-known like George Washington. In fact, the
majority of leaders are ordinary people like me. Although there are many approaches
to being a good leader, all leaders share a handful of similar qualities. A
good leader is someone who obtains the qualities of being a good listener,
optimism, and integrity.
be a good leader is to be a listener, whether it is through verbal
communication or through arts and music. Listening to other people’s thoughts
and ideas pave the way for a leader to understand others better. It can give
them the signal to take action if necessary, or to step back. Additionally,
listening helps a leader to better himself or herself. For instance, I have
been the leader of a group project many times. I communicated with my group to
seek out ideas and important information before executing the project. Without
communication, there would be conflicts between each group. Not only is a
leader communicating, but they are able to communicate effectively.
good leader embraces optimism. A leader who illustrates a positive attitude
gives their followers a good security that there’s still hope in the future. They
are able to inspire other people through their work. Just recently, there was a
winter concert. The new band director had changed a lot of the traditional ways
of performing on the stage. Although most of my classmates didn’t like the
change, I recall telling them that we just have to look on the bright side and
hope for the best to happen. An optimist sees the good where others see the
integrity is an essential quality for a good leader. To have integrity is to be
trustworthy, honest, and fair. A good example is Abraham Lincoln. His decision
during the Civil War preserved the nation which led to the Emancipation
Proclamation. Leaders with integrity are able to make responsible choices and
do what they think is best from a moral standpoint.
a whole, there are many different qualities that make good leaders. Leadership
is a broad topic that carries different meanings for each individual. But from
what I have learned in the past years and my own experiences, a good leader
always listens, embraces optimism, and has integrity. The leaders who make a
positive impact around the world and inspire other to do the same are the ones
that succeed the farthest. Anyone who possesses these qualities can be a good