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Not too long ago, I worked with someone who rode his bike to work, even though he lived roughly two miles away from his place of employment. He did not own a car and unlike many who do, he was not stressed out about many things. If he needed something that required a car, he would just ask the people he knew to take him somewhere, or he would use taxis or services like Uber or Lyft. His actions represent a growing trend that we are now seeing in many big cities, and there are numerous reasons as to why this is.

Owning a car, especially if you have taken out a loan for it, can be very expensive. Among the expenses include fuel, routine repairs, complicated repairs, and auto insurance. According to these figures on Investopedia, the average yearly cost for someone who owns a car is roughly $8000 to $15000. This is quite a bit of money for a lot of people, and seeing that there are not many uses for a car other than travelling long distances or transporting things, many are arriving at the conclusion that they do not need a car. There are a few reasons as to why people are coming to these kinds of conclusions, and choosing to commute by bike rather than by car.

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First, there are many more alternatives to transportation than there were in years past. Services such as Uber and Lyft are being utilized more and more, and in the long run wind up being much cheaper per year than owning a car. If someone does not own a car, but they wish to go food shopping, for instance, they can use these services to get them to and from the places they need to go. As mentioned previously, owning a bike instead of a car can save a lot of money, and more and more are realizing this. This blog post contains an itemized and detailed list of exactly how much it costs to own a car in Seattle, Washington. These costs include the cost of leasing, which many people who own cars pay. Addressing the above topic of food shopping, the above post details exactly how they accomplish this; the author rides a bike to the store with an empty backpack, then puts whatever he buys in the backpack after he is done shopping. Anyone who lives less than three miles away from a food market should be able to do this.

Not only does swapping out a car for a bike save money and contributes to a cleaner environment, it also contributes to physical health and is decent exercise. Think of all the places you drive to that are less than three miles away. Now imagine that instead of driving to said places, you rode a bike to them. How much more exercise would you get by doing this? And how much money would you save? More and more people are understanding this, and are willingly giving up the car they own for a bike.