Note- Winter for taking such a wise decision,

Note- This situation hasn’t taken place, but will be discussed in the committee as a case which actually took place. Delegates are requested to thoroughly go through this situation and understand it, keeping in mind the list of stakeholders.

         In this case, the news of Ariel Winter’s plastic surgery reached social media two days after Kim Kardashian posted the controversial picture on Instagram and Twitter. The vast population using social media had two extremely opposing views. Fans and followers wondered what was right, Ariel’s decision to go through plastic surgery for health reasons, or Kim Kardashian’s controversial photograph, keeping in mind that she too has voluntarily gone through surgical procedures to change her body. Chloe Grace Moretz, a young female actress openly insulted Kim Kardashian, indicating that she set a bad example for her young followers, and congratulated her best friend Ariel Winter for taking such a wise decision, and said that she was impressed by her confidence. Moretz received a lot of backlash as she was impressed by Winter’s confidence but not Kardashian’s.

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         Renowned YouTuber and beauty blogger Giselle Loren Lazzarato posted a video, opening up about her multiple plastic surgeries.

         Many followers of Kim Kardashian penned emails to Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom, asking whether Kardashian had violated the community rules of Instagram, demanding that this post be taken down.

         Amongst all this chaos, Ariel Winter and Kim Kardashian refused to speak on each other’s current situations.

         The real question is- What was going through the minds of all the teenagers and millennials who were following this controversy so closely. Some teenagers began to think- Was plastic surgery not as bad as everyone thought it was? Should they also go through minor procedures such as getting temporary lip fillers, and getting rid of all their body image issues by going under the knife?

Other teenagers began to gain the confidence they never had, by being inspired by Kardashian’s self-confidence. Teenagers who would sit at the back of the class slowly began to sit towards the front, and opened up a little bit more.