Notes from the Underground Essay

Notes from the Underground

Fyodor Dostoevsky was an influential psychologist renowned for interweaving his psychological and ideological beliefs into his masterpiece fiction pieces. Some of his famed works include Notes from Underground, which deals with the role of man in the world where the idea of God is fading by the passing of each day. Dostoevsky presents the underground man as a salient character in his “profound self-contempt combined with an exquisitely sensitive ego”. In the beginning of the novel, the Underground Man describes himself as “a sick man….I am a spiteful man. I am an unattractive man…” (Dostoevsky, 1959, p.1), this leaves him a crippled and corrupted man although he is an intelligent man that is well educated.

The Underground Man argues that the primary desire of man is to prove his free will is completely free and unpredictable. From this, he tries to argue that man makes himself what he is. The Underground Man is not proud of his useless behavior but he is at the same time contempt as a human being. In the second part, the author describes how the Underground man interacts with the world. He is alienated from those around him and he finds it impossible to interact with them normally. The author points out that the Underground Man even finds it to male a simple decision to stop writing his notes.

The Underground Man is a true reflection of the society of the way we actually live. He believes that he is more intelligent and more perceptive than most of the people around him he however, despises himself and sometimes lacks self esteem which makes him feel inferior and humiliated. Although the Underground Man is a fictional character, it represents how we live in the society. The Undergrounds Man’s perception and consciousness isolates him and restricts him from living normally as other people do. His consciousness even prevents him from making simple decisions. The Underground Man seems to believe that as long as he exercises his free will he will be contented even if the outcome is negative such as the humiliation he suffers.

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