Nothing Comes from Nothing Essay

Nothing comes from nothing (Latin: ex nihilo nihil fit) is a philosophical expression of a thesis first argued by Parmenides. It is associated with ancient Greek cosmology, such as presented not just in the opus of Homer and Hesiod, but also in virtually every philosophical system – there is no time interval in which a world didn’t exist, since it couldn’t be created ex nihilo in the first place. Note that Greeks also believed that things cannot disappear into nothing, just as they can’t be created from nothing, but if they ceased to exist, they transform into some other form of being.We can trace this idea to the teaching of Empedocles.

Today the idea is loosely associated with the laws of conservation of mass andenergy. Ex nihilo is a Latin phrase meaning “out of nothing”. It often appears in conjunction with the concept of creation, as in creatio ex nihilo, meaning “creation out of nothing”—chiefly in philosophical or theological contexts, but also occurs in other fields. In theology, the common phrase creatio ex nihilo (“creation out of nothing”), contrasts with creatio ex materia (creation out of some pre-existent, eternal matter) and with creatio ex deo (creation out of the being of God).The phrase ex nihilo also appears in the classical philosophical formulation ex nihilo nihil fit, which means “Out of nothing comes nothing”.

Ex nihilo when used outside of religious or metaphysical contexts, also refers to something coming from nothing. For example, in a conversation, one might raise a topic “ex nihilo” if it bears no relation to the previous topic of discussion. The term has specific meanings in military and computer science contexts. In mathematics, ex nihilo can refer to an answer to a question provided with no working, thus appearing to have developed “out of nothing”.

Hello, “De nihilo nihil” is correct as well as “Ex nihilo nihil” . In full, however, the phrase reads: ”Ex nihilo nihil fit” or “De nihilo nihil fit” just meaning “Nothing comes from nothing” / “ From nothing nothing is produced/created“. -Nothing = NIHIL (nominative neuter) -comes = FIT (from the verb FIO, I am produced/ created/ made) -from = EX or DE (prepositions which take the ablative case) -nothing = NIHILO (ablative of NIHIL) “Ex / De nihilo nihil” is the shortened version of “Ex/De nihilo nihil fit”.