Noughts & Crosses Essay

Dear diary, I asked Harry to drop me off around the corner from school again; he didn’t want to get himself into trouble but did it anyway just because I’m a cross. I hated how I got teased by my “friends” if they saw a nought drove me to school. As I got closer to the school, the noise got louder, I knew it must have been trouble with the noughts because it was their first day in a crosses’ school. “NO BLANKERS IN OUR SCHOOL. NO BLANKERS IN OUR SCHOOL. Callum hated the word blankers; it stung to know he was listening to it. I spotted him in the crowd with his head down, I tried to push my way through but the police stopped me before I could get there. I ran towards the steps, someone had been knocked down. I prayed so much that it wasn’t Callum. Thoughts span through my head, “it wasn’t Callum… was it? ” I was pleased, but still felt ashamed, when I found out it was a nought girl and not Callum.

I had never felt so much fist-clenching and teeth-gritting fury, I had to do something before Callum got hurt too. “Stop it! Just stop it! ” nobody had listened to me, I’m just a kid. “STOP IT! YOU’RE ALL BEHAVING LIKE ANIMALS! WORSE THAN ANIMALS – LIKE BLANKERS! ” I had never felt so much anger towards me, Callum would have hated it, hated me. Mothers calling, she never usually does. She’s always too busy in her magazines or drink. I wonder what she could want. Sephy x

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