Now when we think of the war

Now when we think of the war we think of the men fighting for our country. But what about the  many ladies in the civil war and oher wars around the us and other places. Well buckle down because I have some amazing women in the war to talk about!Harriet Tubman  Freedom fighterHarriet Tubman she was a great freedom fighter! She was born from a slave in Dorchester she soon after made it to the north to become  the most famous person  on the Underground Railroad. She risked her life for many slaves. She also helped the Army working as a spy. After she went to work helping elderly slaves settle back down.Vera Atkins  the  amazing lady spie  Not much was known about her but hear is what we do know. she was a young Romanian in the time of world war II. she went undercover in the german nation a couple of times. She met the German ambassador to Romania in order to get information from him and report back to her base.  It did not say anything about how she died or when she was born so this is the info I can give you.      Jennie Hodgers a women who fought There are over 400 documents or so of women disguising  as men and fighting as soldiers on both sides during the Civil War. but I chose one. Jennie Hodgers is the one I chose to talk about! She was born on December 25, 1843 in Clogherhead, County Louth, Ireland. Not much is known about her at a young age, as the only account available was given by Hodgers when she was suffering from dementia in 1913.her regiment was part of the Army of the Tennessee and fought in over 40 engagements, including the siege of Vicksburg, the Battle of Nashville, the Red River Campaign, and the battles at Kennesaw Mountain and Jonesboro, Georgia. There is an account of her being captured and escaping by winning a fight with a prison guard, but no further details of this event exist.      supporting the troopssupporting the troops was not very easy because your loved one might be a troop. Their are very little tails about people supporting so I am going to tell how hard it is from experience. My grandpa fought in the war. He did survive! But it came with many bruises… was hard to cheer when we thought all hope was lost but we kept strong and held on and he made it through! Now he lays asleep forever in a graveyard for war fighters. Myrta Lockett  on the homefront.I choose a  certain someone for this topic. Myrta was born in 1857. She got together with James Corben and they moved to N.Y.C. The book, A Virginia Girl in the Civil War, was released. Although myrta won’t admit to the truth of the book. she uses a fake identity to protect the them., and the girl in the book married a guy named Dan. When the Civil War began after their marriage, she mostly went with her husband in his travels. her account includes times and tales of her friendship with a General. Separated from each other on occasion, the narrative closes with their reunion.   Phoebe Pember (right) a great nurse Not much is known about her life so here is what I know from some useful sites. Phoebe Pember (right) was born Phoebe Levy in 1823 in Charleston, South Carolina. Her family was a prominent Southern Jewish family. Her father was a successful salesman, while her mother performed as a actress. When war broke out, Phoebe’s family was strongly supportive of the Confederate cause. In fact, her sister, Eugenia Phillips (wife of Unionist Alabama Congressman Phillip Phillips), was arrested twice as a Confederate sympathizer. She helped a man that was shot in the heart and tried to save him but he died shortly after she tried.I love to know more about these women from the war but most are classified but what we have is great info. We have learned that a lot of women did something in the war so we hope the info I have provided is good for learning. Thank You for your undivided atten.