Nowadays, that emerge. In youth, these problems are

Nowadays, society is not what it was several decades ago. The environment has changed, the culture has changed, people have changed, and so has the society they live in. The problem is that as society changes, so do the type of major social issues that emerge. In youth, these problems are always arising.  These days, adolescents are exhibited to three major social problems that can have a major negative impact on their lives. These problems are drugs, violence, and mental health disorders, three issues that go hand-in-hand. Even though one does not want to deal with these dilemmas, it is impossible to avoid them because they are everywhere. Something as simple as going to a party or doing an everyday thing like a watching a movie will expose you to these problems. One major issue that has turned up in more recent years, is the unprecedented acceleration in violence among youth, and often fatal violence all around the world. Anecdotal evidence of an increase in violence by young people against women, children and old people, of abduction, molestation, of road rage and other violent actions is alarming. This epidemic has caused serious concern to the populace. One of the strongest influences on young minds today is unquestionably media, which principally constitutes television and cinema. The vulnerable youth today are continually exposed to the media which has a lot to show by means of vulgarity and violence. Scenes of bloody violence in films and some of the TV programmes stimulate youth to produce negative and dark thoughts which may, one day, turn into real life dangerous scenes. Violence is constantly displayed on the news as well. People have now grown numb to such displays of violence, as they have already grown used to seeing such scenes. News of a shooting or mass murder is now seen as a daily event. Now a lot of people who commit crimes, do not think much of their actions as they have seen other people do it regularly. Since media plays a serious role in influencing the youth, it can, in fact, be used in a way to increase awareness among the young. The media has a tremendous potential to communicate, educate and enlighten the ignorant masses to guard against this terrible spread of violence among the youth. The media instead should be used as a positive channel to direct the energy of the youth in the constructive mold.