Nowadays, or drinking water etc. In India,

Nowadays, there is a
quantum jump in the consumption and growing demand pattern for paper cup. This
look a promising for the paper cup industry in the future. Today, Paper cups
are so useful, example the useful of paper cups is paper cup can replacing
plastic variants, serve beverages such as tea, coffee, soft drinks, or drinking
water etc.

            In India, the demand of the paper cups rise 8% annually
through 2019. Basically, the paper cups demand from fast-food restaurant, food
canteens, educational institutions, coffee shop or tea shop, and supermarket.
The primarily used of the paper cups are beverage serving, but now is used to
serve sweet corn, ice cream or yogurt and it is not only serving coffee, hotel,
festivals or meetings only. In India, a total of 150 million cups is consumed
by the Indian Railways every year. The major factor of growth is foodservice
and this growth was not only in India, but also globally. In the future, if
restaurant or coffee shop increase will boost the demand for paper cups.

            Today, paper cups manufactures are tying up with many
companies that offer paper cups marketing to provide a free paper cups to
office, college and institute canteens. 
This paper cups contain beautiful graphic and company information also
will print on it. The paper cup and customer whose message on it will result in
a win-win situation for everyone. They also expected an increasing quantities
of paper cups since they cannot drawbacks. Increased consumption and demand
will make the paper cups industry look optimistic in the future.

            In the future, demand for the paper cups will be 100% and
India government are trying to promote the use of paper cups. By this
initiative, paper cups marketing companies use advertising through internet, tv
advertising or newspaper etc to transmit the benefit of paper cups to people.
While most of the advertising always flipped over the customer, because
advertising over paper cups is bound to make an impression on the mind of the
audience. Advertising will costs a lot of money and the cost is dependent on
the duration of time the spot consumes. If want to success, must measured in a
cost-effective analysis taking into consideration the actual conversion rate
for new customers.

 The demand of the paper cups in India mainly
come from tier I, tier II and tier III cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune,
Cochin, Mangalore, Hyderabad, Madurai, Trichy and Chennai. If a country have a
larger population with a high rate of growth creates greater demand for good
and services.  For an example, an
increase in the population of India would increase the demand for paper cups
and other goods and services. Because of this cities have a large population,
paper cups marketing companies are targeting these cities to advertise their
client product on paper cups.

            In NCR region, a survey carried out
that the usage of paper cups as around 2 lakh per month. Beside that, the
wedding and festival season adds to another 1.5 to 2 lakh cups per month. The
fast food culture and the demand for hot/cold beverage accelerated the growth
in the paper cups industry. The increasing popularity and cost effectiveness of
paper cups as an advertising medium has also been catalyst in the growth of the
paper cups industry.