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Ø Component/part Benchmark or Microbenchmark specifies relatively small and specific piece of code,then it computer’s basic components Ø Kernel type has basic codes and normally abstracted from actual programØ Synthetic Benchmark includes measurements of many application programs, get proportion of each operation and Procedure for programming.Types of Synthetic Benchmark are:Whetstone DhrystoneØ Financial benchmarking – this helps to analyze and assess all over the productivity to take a look at the whole process of production of an organization.Ø ·Process benchmarking – the initiating firm focuses its observation and investigation of business processes with a goal of distinctive and observant the most effective practices from one or additional benchmark corporations. Activity analysis are going to be needed wherever the target is to benchmark value and efficiency; progressively applied to back-office processes wherever outsourcing could also be a thought. Ø ··Benchmarking from associate capitalist perspective- extending the benchmarking universe to conjointly compare to look firms which will be thought of different investment opportunities from {the perspective|the attitude|the associategle} of an capitalist.Ø ·Performance benchmarking – permits the instigator firm to assess their competitive position by examination merchandise and services with those of target corporations.Ø ·Product benchmarking – the method of planning new merchandise or upgrades to current ones. This method will generally involve reverse engineering that is dismemberment competitors merchandise to seek out strengths and weaknesses.Ø Benchmarking within the public sector – functions as a tool for improvement and innovation publically administration, wherever state organizations invest efforts and resources to attain quality, potency and effectiveness of the services they supply.Ø ··Functional benchmarking – a corporation can focus its benchmarking on one operate to boost the operation of that specific operate. advanced functions like Human Resources, Finance and Accounting and knowledge and Communication Technology square measure unlikely to be directly comparable in value and potency terms and will got to be disaggregated into processes to create valid comparison.Ø ·Best-in-class benchmarking – involves finding out the leading contender or the corporate that best carries out a particular operate.Ø ·Operational benchmarking embraces everything from staffing and productivity to workplace flow and analysis of procedures performed.Ø · Energy benchmarking – method of collection, analysing and relating energy performance information of comparable activities with the aim of evaluating and examination performance between or among entities.