Ø in heavy consideration while developing pricing

Ø Managed social channels and respond immediatelyto feedbacks, questions and concerns. Ø Communicated with clients to get quantitativeand qualitative information and converted them into data.Ø Increased sales by 10% by monitoring clientsbuying and pricing patterns, evaluated client demographic and on-demand productusing Marketing Engineering Software and Google Analytics.Ø Reported market analysis to increase sales and researchon competitors which the team took in heavy consideration while developingpricing strategies.

 Junior Buyer/Supply ChainManagement InternØ Purchasing activities includes placing purchasingorders, order confirmation, Supplier follow-up on order and data entry. Ø Review demand and initiate purchase orders tomeet the delivery schedule.Ø Efficiently addressed productallocation/Shortage concerns.Ø Generated monthly report on client buying patternand inventory control to the Purchasing Manager.